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Cal-Hi Sports has been naming all-state teams in five sports since 1979 and is the most authentic source for California honor squads. We now have every all-state football team we’ve ever chosen included in this section of the web site.

In 1969, Nelson Tennis decided to refuse a job transfer to Los Angeles and began attending football games at Nevada Union of Grass Valley, his alma mater, on a near weekly basis. An intense interest in high school football followed and Nelson soon realized he could apply the detail-oriented, research-driven concepts of chemistry toward the collection of high school football data.

Nelson Tennis

Nelson Tennis

When Nelson’s nephew, Mark Tennis, was himself attending high school in Sacramento in the mid-1970s, he would ask Mark to look up information for him at the California state library. In 1974, Nelson sat at his desk and wrote up a list of the high schools in California history with the longest football winning streaks.

His hobby soon spread to collecting information from other sports and in 1975 he decided to write up a collection of state football rankings. He made up the name, “Cal-Hi Sports,” to go with those rankings.

The Tennis’ have used their proven grassroots research and reporting methods to rank high school teams since 1975. Cal-Hi Sports has published All-State selections since 1979 and a variety of other honor squads over the years, including Grid-Hoop all-state teams and preseason all-state football teams since 1986.

On May 23, 2004, 67-year-old Nelson Tennis died due to complications of bladder cancer. In his honor, we are in the process of publishing our various archived honor squads and state rankings in five sports. We will begin with preseason all-state football teams, our annual football all-state teams and Grid-Hoop all-state teams that honor California’s best football-basketball combo athletes.




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