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Any record book as large as ours is bound to have omissions and mistakes. It is a fluid document, meaning new information can be uncovered at any time and the lists can and will be updated accordingly. Refer to any records you look up online as reported state records. Our football records are the most comprehensive and we believe they are 90-95 percent accurate, but some could be unreported. The four other sports CalHiSports.com covers on a daily basis (boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball, softball) are missing some entries, but a majority of the marks listed as state records are up to date.

We strongly believe in the values of sportsmanship and integrity in high school sports and sincerely hope that all of the record totals we’ve compiled were established with those values in mind. Details that indicate a coach has run up the score or has left a player in a game for record-setting purposes may not be included in the book. We will, however, chronicle the event in stories that appear on CalHiSports.com.

Since the advent of the Internet, we’ve seen plenty of examples of exaggerated statistics for the sake of publicity or to improve scholarship chances. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and have an idea of how and when this happens. Our protocol is to publish statistics verified by the head coach’s records or “books” as the high school community tends to call them. If that is not available, we rely on newspaper reports and only after the first two methods of verification are exhausted will we rely on school historian or booster club members’ information. If a mark is in the coach’s “books”, we will publish immediately, but if that mark is a new state or section record we may require an additional source such as film review.

To submit a record or report a correction online, please completely fill out the form below. To inquire about a state or section record, please email markjtennis@gmail.com or call the Stockton editorial office at 209.608.1317 to speak to Cal-Hi Sports co-founder Mark Tennis.

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