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Kayo Sports is Australia’s number one sports streaming platform. It can be compared to a streaming service like Netflix. It’s a revolutionary new sports streaming service that aims to bring you closer to the sports you love more than ever before.

There’s no such thing as sitting on the sidelines when using Kayo. Which teams are you rooting for? Kayo Sports app will provide you with a never-ending supply of live and on-demand sporting events to keep you excited.

Here’s how you can support your favorite team using this sports streaming platform:

1. Subscribe To Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports made it simple for fans to become a member of Kayo. The following choices are available when you go to their website:
Activate your account by signing in.

Begin your 14-day trial. Kayo provides new users with a trial of their Basic and Premium plans. Kayo’s game-changing features and extensive sports library are available in up to three streams at once.

If you have a Kayo gift card, you may use it to begin the registration process here.

Stream the world’s finest sports by following the signup instructions listed for your device. The whole collection of over 50 sports is yours for $25 a month: live and on-demand matches, match commentary, interviews, and others.

It’s powered by Fox Sports and provides access to more than 200 live sports. Plus, the streaming platform gives its users access to over 40 sports in HD. With over 50 games a day, it’s the best way to watch sports without missing a beat.

Most importantly, Kayo is compatible with most major web browsers. It works seamlessly with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac and Windows 10. You can also cast HD video from your PC to your TV using the Chromecast Ultra or the 3rd-generation Chromecast. However, these devices will only work with 720p video quality. Channels are also available for Android and iOS.

2. Watch Your Favorite Matches Simultaneously

The creators of Kayo have thought about how sports fans like to watch their games. They’ve come up with unique features like SplitView, which allows you to manage multiple matches simultaneously.

You can watch up to two matches on mobile and up to four on a tablet, PC, Apple TV, or Android TV at the same time. There are numerous templates to pick from when using the split-screen feature.

Four games can be displayed side by side on your screen, or you can have one large window and up to three smaller ones. Toggling sound between windows won’t mess up your layout, so you can keep an eye on the progress of separate matches while you watch them all simultaneously.

3. Check Out The Best Parts Of Matches

You can quickly skip to the most exciting parts of a match by watching important events highlighted on the video player timeline. By default, this function is off to prevent spoilers, but you may enable it by clicking on the icon that resembles a screen with a line through it. Not all games have access to crucial moments. With enhanced viewing features such as split-screen viewing, you’ll be able to enjoy all the highlights of any sporting event.

4. Watch Till The End Of Match

There are also various ways to keep up with a match without knowing the outcome. Some settings allow you to set up No Spoilers, which means you can always catch up on a game even without knowing the outcome. If you select No Spoilers as the default setting, scores won’t be displayed using the Kayo interface. It also blocks critical moments, so be aware of that when using this feature.

5. Be Updated On The Upcoming Sports Schedule

Kayo’s Fixtures would let you know what’s coming up next on the sports platform. It’s possible to arrange your viewing schedule for the day, week, and year ahead by sorting the sports and series. To make up for lost time, use the Fixtures function to go back to the time of the sports match you’ve missed.

Note that the Kayo calendar is packed with activities due to the massive amount of available content (hundreds of hours each week). Some of their most popular sports are the only ones that’ll be offered.


Kayo Sports is Australia’s first sports streaming app designed to cater to the needs of avid sports fans. It has a variety of features that allow users to customize their viewing experience. If you have this, you’ll always be able to cheer on your favorite team and stay up to date on their victories and losses.

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