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Top 5 List: Best Alumni Schools

It will come as little surprise to most that the state of California produces a significant amount of sporting talent but are there some high schools more renowned for providing the gateway to a career among the elite than others?

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More CIF Spirit of Sport Honorees

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Abbey Brown (Middletown High School) and Lingxiang Hu (San Francisco International High School) were named the recipients of the prestigious CIF Spirit of Sport Award for the 2019-20 winter sports season. The two statewide winners will receive an award, a patch, and a $1,000 scholarship.

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March Madness: SDSU Preview

With a pair of former California high school state champions serving in key starting roles, San Diego State has been one of the hottest stories this season in men’s college basketball. Can the Aztecs make a run in this year’s March Madness and get people fired up to include them in betting? Regardless of what […]

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Importance of Sleep For Success

As a student and an athlete, your health should be at an optimum level in order for you to perform well in school. There are many challenges that you will be facing as a student, and these will not be easy to overcome if you’re not at your best as far as your well-being is […]

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NCAA March Madness Preview

As we start a new year, basketball fans have begun to divert their attention to March Madness, the annual competition that decides the NCAA national champion. Every year, the contest lives up to its name as the nation becomes gripped by the tournament. Many basketball and non-basketball fans take part in bracketing competitions, trying to […]

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Best Fitness Trackers For Athletes

Finally, a new decade is here! We’re all bursting with New Year resolutions, and health & fitness goals are a part of that list. So what better way to keep your fitness goals alive all year round than by getting a personal fitness assistant who continually checks on your vitals, calories and sleep quality. Photo […]

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Football Cleats Buying Tips

No matter what your role in football is, either lineman, quarterback, or defensive back, you will always need football cleats. This can offer support, traction, and comfort to your feet. Indeed, the cleats can make a big difference in your performance. Without cleats, you can increase your chances of having injuries as you make tackles […]

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Tips On Managing Pain After Injury

Pain can affect every sports person’s next performance, and not to mention it can be very debilitating. The most common sports injuries that also cause pain to a lot of athletes include ankle sprain, hamstring strain, groin pull, shin splints, tennis elbow, and knee injury. Sudden stretches and overusing muscles can tear tendons, ligaments, and […]

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Do You Really Think Sports Games Are Boring?

There are people who play sports and people who play games that depict sports. But regardless of preferences, you can’t say one side is boring without having tried it.

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Most Popular Sports Video Games of All-Time

Sports video games are a huge market largely monopolized by EA Games, but there was a time when there was plenty of competition between studios. When it comes to the best sports game, a few games are disputed. NBA Jam, NFL, and FIFA are all best sellers, but which of these games is considered the […]

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