Most Popular Sports Video Games of All-Time

Sports video games are a huge market largely monopolized by EA Games, but there was a time when there was plenty of competition between studios. When it comes to the best sports game, a few games are disputed. NBA Jam, NFL, and FIFA are all best sellers, but which of these games is considered the most popular with the biggest player base? This post will take a look at those titles that are not only fun but have a ton of fans that play day-in and day-out.

Rocket League

With over 58 million players, Rocket League is one of the most successful and widely played sports games in the world. Game studio Psyonix brought out this breakout hit in 2015 and has consistently seen multiple updates, including real-money tournaments and skins. This unlikely combination of cars and soccer is also popular in e-sports competitions and you might even be able to bet on it in certain online casinos.

FIFA 18, 17 and 16

With new updates to the roster coming as often as the changes do in the sport itself, you’ll always have the players you want on your team. FIFA 16, despite being four years behind, is still ranking with 28.3 million players. FIFA 18 ranks the highest at 32.5 million and continues to climb. With how popular soccer/football is all over the world, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. The FIFA community is just as active and diverse as the real-life players of the sport, and the new installments will likely follow the high upward climb of players.

Madden NFL 19, 18, and 17

Madden 18 was the first to be developed with a story mode called “Longshot Mode,” which was similar to FIFA 17 “The Journey.” That helped get new players into playing football in single-player mode, but it also doubled its player count in their competitive multiplayer mode. Similar to FIFA, rosters are upgraded anytime it changes in the sport. Madden 19 was also the first NFL game to be released on the PC since Madden NFL 08, meaning more platforms to play on.

NHL 19, 18

The most popular sport in Canada, and one of the most-watched in the USA, the number of dedicated players is astounding considering hockey doesn’t have a well-watched international league (the Olympics being an exception). Still, NHL 18 and 19 have millions of players. Since EA Sports has owned the other two titles in this list, you can probably guess that NHL also has an ever-changing roster that’s continuously updated.

WWE 2K19

When THQ handed their games over to 2K studios after declaring bankruptcy, it was a bumpy ride at first. It seems like they’re hitting their stride, as 2k19 has gotten fantastic reviews and has reinvigorated their loyal fan base. Not only do WWE video games usually feature a super fun to play career mode where you can create your own character, but you can also use said character to fight against your friends. WWE games are a notoriously fun couch co-op experience, so grab a few friends and throw them off the Hell in the Cell.


There was a time not too long ago where EA didn’t develop all sports-related titles. Initially developed by Midway, NBA Jam is a two-on-two basketball arcade game that features licensed teams. The fun in this game comes in the exaggerated movements of the players – jumping multiple times their height, slam dunks breaking the backboard, and players running at the speed of sound.

Mario Kart Racing

Let’s finish this list off with a class. Mario Kart is a staple at any gaming party, as the tight controls, memorable characters, and easy to understand design make it fun for children and adults. Now, Mario Kart has multiplayer tournaments that you can drop in and out of by connecting to the internet. You can also customize your character, your kart, your speed, among other things. If you’re bored with racing, you can always play their battle mode.

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