Tom Brady As A Role Model

(Written by Tommy Pendleton)
When you talk about sporting greats from California, Serra High of San Mateo grad Tom Brady is a name that pretty much everyone will mention to you. For many years now, the New England Patriots’ quarterback has been idolized by his many adoring fans in New England and across the nation.

Looking at him as a role model, you’d have to say that Brady has been a great one for kids growing up and wanting to go into the sport. He will begin the next NFL season as a 41-year-old, but is showing no signs of slowing down and that can only enhance his reputation with youngsters looking up to him.

Alongside being the ultimate professional, Brady is a winner and that is something that was installed into him at a very young age by his parents and his sisters. Brady has won five Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, and despite all of that success, he is hungry for more. During those victories, on four out of the five occasions, he was the Super Bowl MVP, showing that he stands up when he is needed the most and carries his team into battle. Not only is Brady a winner, but he is a leader of men as well.

Despite turning 41 in August, Brady and the Patriots will once again head into an NFL season as one of the Super Bowl favorites. The team around Brady is good, but his ability to take normal players and move them up a level because they are playing with him is something that is not lost on the general public. Whenever Brady pulls on his number 12 jersey, people will be queing up to back the New England Patriots for success. Those who think Brady can land a sixth Super Bowl this season would be wise to enter the world of free sports bets in order to protect their wager.

The one thing that the Patriots will have to do this season is bounce back from defeat. That is something the bookmakers think will happen, and you only have to look at the latest betting to see that. They think the Patriots have a much better shot of winning the Super Bowl than their conquerors last season, the Philadelphia Eagles, and have priced up accordingly.

Those who know Brady will know that this summer will be about putting right the things that went wrong last season, and he will be driven to do so. If you are backing the Patriots to lift the Super Bowl in 2019, you know that Brady will have studied every second of that defeat in 2018, and worked out what he can do better next time.

If you are on a sports team or betting on one, then Tom Brady would be an athlete you would want on your side. From his preparation before a game to how his mind works and the split-second decisions he makes, he lives and breathes the world of sport. That has given him the success that he ultimately deserves, and there is a good chance that he isn’t done just yet – there could be even more to come.

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