The Increasing Craze of Virtual Sports

What are virtual sports we hear you cry? Virtual sports are fantasy sports that are based on real-life sporting events. Virtual sports are available to players from their own desktop or gaming systems, but what are the key benefits to the players? And, how do they compare to real sports?


We now live in a 24-hour society that is not limited by physical boundaries and restrictions. If you can do a weekly shop at 11 pm on a Sunday night, why not be able to get involved with a sport too? No matter what time of day it is, you can participate in a virtual sport, and from the comfort of your own chair. You can play at being any team you want, fire head coaches, recruit team members and play with real-life friends.

New user experience

We are continually seeking out new forms of entertainment, and we look towards technology to help us find what we are looking for. Unlike real life sports, the possibilities of virtual sports are infinite; imagination is the only limitation as to what can be achieved. While you would not condone cockfighting, a virtual cockfight can be undertaken with the click of a button. You can participate in new experiences such as rock climbing or surfing. Just make sure that you have the best game controller to help you in your endeavours.

No Rain Checks

How often do sporting events get cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond the organizers’ control? It can happen at the drop of a cap. Injuries, weather or illness can prevent real-life sporting events from taking place, and this can be a great disappointment to the spectators. The only thing that stops you from playing a virtual sport is if your hardware fails or you lose internet connection.


You can even place a bet on virtual sports, and the good news is that they are heavily regulated because they are dependent on algorithms and software to enable random computer-generated events that determine the final outcome. Virtual sports masters are audited to ensure that it is a level playing field. Online betting can be undertaken whenever you wish, and sites such as Betway Sports ensure that you can place a bet whenever you want, wherever you want.

As noted, there are benefits to virtual sports; however, what about the real-life events?

Accessible (Part 2)

There are so many sporting events across the state, that there is always going to be something that you can attend. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) ensures that every person can spectate the sport that they choose to. You may not be able to attend an event, but with the various media platforms that we have, you will be able to listen to events live, either by analogue radio, digital radio, or online. Never before has sport been so accessible to the masses; but what if you want to take part in the sport?

Depending on the sport that you wish to participate in, you will need to be able to find a location that allows you to take part. Snowboarding, for example, can either be undertaken at specialist snow zones, or you are required to travel abroad and are limited to seasonal restrictions; it also requires a healthy budget to access the sport which will automatically alienate some hopeful participants.


There is nothing quite like attending a sporting fixture for the buzz that you experience. Whether you choose to go to premier league soccer matches to Oracle Arena to see the world champion Golden State Warriors, watching sports is a life event and not just a sporting one. Being able to take part in a sport can be limited by the equipment that is needed; as previously mentioned, the necessary budget; and perhaps physical ability. There is legislation that affects whether, for example, children can race in motorsports: something that they can do with virtual sports.

Rain checks (Part 2)

Events such as horse racing where the track has to be in prime condition to reduce the risk of injury to the animals do carry a risk of cancellation due to bad weather; however, the greater the profile of the event the least likely that a cancellation will occur. Only very rarely are major football games cancelled for bad weather; however, many a weekend friendly match of a local league game has to be postponed because of a waterlogged field.

When you first think about virtual sports, you may have been inclined to have a knee-jerk reaction to them and think that they are missing the human elements that make sports so great.

However, by taking a negative stance, you are failing to take into account the great entertainment and the value of play that virtual sports provide. Rather than thinking about the sports being played solo, think about the social aspects of virtual sports: the whole family can play together or against each other, and you can connect with players from all over the globe. They also provide a great opportunity for new interests to be pursued, and not just in a virtual way, but in reality.

What do you think about virtual sports? Are you for, or against?

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