All-State Football Noms (Central-LA-SD)

Surahz Buncom (left) from Mater Dei Catholic of Chula Vista, who caught two TD passes in CIF D2-AA state final, has signed with Kansas. At right is Jaedon Moore from Central Valley Christian of Visalia committing to Oregon at a press conference. He is wearing our all-state patch from last season. Photos: Mark Tennis &

Here are the final group of nominees for our upcoming Cal-Hi Sports All-State Football Teams. This third group covers the CIF Central, L.A. City and San Diego Sections. This will be the 44th consecutive season for these teams being done, which is why they are more prestigious than any others. The previous groups were from Northern California and the CIF Southern Section and all three big lists will be updated and posted again before the all-state teams are chosen. We welcome all additional nominations from anyone to make the final lists.


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Please send any nomination with each athlete’s height, weight, position, year in school, significant statistics. Comparing a player not on the board yet to one who already is also can be very important toward eventual selection. Limit each nomination to one page please. Send to: or text/call (209) 608-1317. Don’t assume we know all there is to know about a player on the list, either. Send us info to make sure all pertinent information is turned in and placed into our files.

Special thanks for the work done on these nomination lists to Northern California correspondent Daniel Poulter. He’s a great follow on Twitter and did great work for us on our State Top 50 rankings packages this season. Check him out at @DanielJPoulter.

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Nate Abbott (Golden Valley, Bakersfield) DL Jr.
AJ Anderson (Tehachapi) RB Jr.
John Appleton (Frontier, Bakersfield) DB Sr.
Hunter Babb (Caruthers) RB Jr.
Max Bakker (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) QB Sr.
Nick Ball (Edison, Fresno) DL Jr.
Daulton Beard (Santa Ynez) WR Jr.
Aiden Blackwood (Morro Bay) LB Sr.
Beau Brusseau (Buchanan, Clovis) K Jr.
Grant Buckey (Liberty, Bakersfield) OL/DL Sr.
Andrew Camarillo (Orosi) RB Jr.
Jonah Campos (Lemoore) LB Sr.
Shane Carr (South, Bakersfield) DB Sr.
Ty Chambers (Lemoore) QB/RB Sr.
Andrew Chavez (Clovis North, Fresno) RB/DB Sr.
Xander Chisolm (Liberty, Bakersfield) DB Sr.
Devin Cockren (Frontier, Bakersfield) WR Sr.
Imari Conley (Central, Fresno) RB/DB Sr.
Kane Cooks (Atascadero) QB/RB Jr.
Trey Cooks (Atascadero) RB Sr.
Nick Crandall (Santa Ynez) OL/DL Sr.
David Cummings (Clovis West, Fresno) DB Sr.
Alec Dansby (Buchanan, Clovis) OL Sr.
Mason Degnan (Atascadero) DB Jr.
Dylan Delgado (Liberty, Bakersfield) OL/DL Jr.
Mario Delgado (Coalinga) LB Sr.
Bryson Donelson (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) RB/DB Jr.

Brandon Ramirez of San Joaquin Memorial is staying home to play for Fresno State. Photo: @SJMgridiron /

Jackson Emerson (Lemoore) OL Sr.
Jayden Enriquez (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) LB/DB Sr.
Juan Enriquez (Clovis West, Fresno) K Sr.
Brian Evans (Clovis West, Fresno) DL/LB Sr.
Collin Fasse (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) WR Jr.
Kado Felder (Washington Union, Fresno) LB Jr.
Anthony Fernandez (Firebaugh) FS Jr.
Jesus Figueroa (Shafter) WR Jr.
Aidan Fortenberry (Clovis West, Fresno) RB/LB Sr.
William Fowler (Washington, Easton) DB Sr.
Trejon Fulton (Liberty, Bakersfield) WR/DB Jr.
Chase Furtado (Bakersfield Christian) DB Jr.
Luke Gildred (Santa Ynez) QB Sr.
Kourdey Glass (Hanford) RB Soph.
Sergio Gonzalez (Kennedy, Delano) LB Sr.
Kobe Green (Lemoore) DB Sr.
Cade Gretein (Liberty, Bakersfield) OL Sr.
Marlon Haggard (Clovis West, Fresno) DL Jr.
Braylen Hall (Central, Fresno) WR/DB Jr.
Braydon Hall (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) OL Sr.
Zamir Hall (Ridgeview, Bakersfield) RB Sr.
Jalen Hankins (Liberty, Bakersfield) RB/DB Sr.
Drew Harrigan (Mission Prep, San Luis Obispo) RB/LB Jr.
Joseph Harris (Mission Oak, Tulare) DL Sr.
Gamiez Helm (Kennedy, Delano) WR Sr.
Will Henderson (Immanuel, Reedley) LB Sr.
Shaine Heriford (Stockdale, Bakersfield) DB Sr.
Emiliano Herrejon (Kennedy, Delano) DE Sr.
Houston Hirschkorn (Kingsburg) LB Jr.
Emanuel Jackson IV (Hanford West, Hanford) DL Soph.
Trace Jackson (Kingsburg) RB Sr.
Anthony Jacob (Firebaugh) LB Jr.
Gavin Jensen (Kingsburg) DB SJr.
Mehki Johnson (Buchanan, Clovis) DB Sr.
Nicky Johnson (Morro Bay) QB Sr.
CJ Jones (Sunnyside, Fresno) WR Jr.
Marquise Jones Jr. (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) DL Sr.
Derrick Juarez (Hanford) LB Sr.
Tytus Khajavi (Clovis West, Fresno) LB Jr.
Kresean Kizzy (Liberty, Bakersfield) WR/DB Sr.
David Luera (Mission Prep, San Luis Obispo) LB Sr.
Mario Luera (Mission Prep, San Luis Obispo) LB Sr.
Noah Luginbill (Clovis) LB Jr.
McKay Madsen (Clovis North, Fresno) RB/LB Soph.
James Mahoney (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) LB Sr.
Jayden Mandal (Buchanan, Clovis) QB Sr.
Ryan Markarian (Clovis West, Fresno) QB Sr.
D’Artangion Martin (Hanford) LB Sr.
Jojo Mata Jr. (Highland, Bakersfield) QB/SS Sr.
Nickolas Mendoza (Fowler) WR Sr.
Darian Mensah (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) QB Sr.
Matthew Miller (Clovis) OL Sr.
Tye Monteiro (Bakersfield) QB/RB Sr.
Jaeden Moore (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) TE/DL Sr.
Cayden Muir (Hanford) QB Sr.
Caleb Noeske (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) OL Jr.
Vince Oberti (Liberty, Madera Ranchos) LB Sr.
Ezekiel Osborne (Shafter) QB Fr.
Colton O’Toole (Buchanan, Clovis) WR Sr.
Ty Pele-Chambers (Lemoore) RB/QB Sr.
Johnny Peschong (Templeton) OL/DL Jr.
Jacob Poole (Strathmore) RB Jr.
Kai Preisendorf (Redwood, Visalia) DL Jr.
Jackson Provensal (Liberty, Bakersfield) LB Sr.
Brandon Ramirez (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) RB/SS Sr.
Brandon Rangel (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) LB Sr.
Jacob Rangel (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) DB Sr.
Wyatt Richie (Tehachapi) LB Sr.
Koa Rhodes (Shafter) RB Sr.
Albert Richardson (Hanford) DB Soph.
Shane Rodriguez (Woodlake) DB Sr.
Tybo Rogers (Bakersfield) RB Sr.
Rafael Roman-Amador (Shafter) LB Sr.
Michael Runnels (Buchanan, Clovis) RB Sr.
Devin Sanchez (Coalinga) WR Sr.
Marshel Sanders (Clovis West, Fresno) WR/DB Jr.
Jaxton Santiago (Centennial, Bakersfield) WR/DB Jr.
Jace Silva (Lemoore) LB Jr.
Julian Smith (Garces, Bakersfield) WR/DB Sr.
Malakhi Statler (Frontier, Bakersfield) QB Jr.
Ladanian Streets (Central, Fresno) WR/DB Sr.
Logan Studt (Buchanan, Clovis) LB Jr.
Dayton Tafoya (Central, Fresno) QB Sr.
DeMel Turner (Lemoore) WR Sr.
Drew Underwood (Liberty, Bakersfield) LB Jr.
Yaj Vance (Edison, Fresno) QB Sr.
Carter Varga (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) RB Jr.
Isaiah Velasquez (Roosevelt, Fresno) DL Sr.
Bryson Waterman (Bakersfield Christian) WR/FS Sr.
Tanner Wilson (Sunnyside, Fresno) QB/FS Soph.


Corie Ruell of Canoga Park had a gigantic surge at the end of the season, including 403 yards and 387 yards rushing for a single game. Photo: @CanogaFootball.

Jonathan Aguirre (Marquez, Huntington Park) RB Sr.
Gabriel Argott (Kennedy, Granada Hills) RB Sr.
Alex Arroyo (Roosevelt, Los Angeles) LB Sr.
Jayden Barnes (Garfield, Los Angeles) LB Jr.
Jacob Bernal (Eagle Rock, Los Angeles) DL/LB Sr.
Curtis Bevans (Dymally, Los Angeles) QB Sr.
Terrell Boatner (Westchester, Los Angeles) RB Sr.
David Burciaga (Arleta) DB Sr.
Jaylin Burt (North Hollywood) RB Soph.
Orlando Carpio (Bernstein, Hollywood) DB Sr.
Hector Ceballos (Franklin, Los Angeles) WR/FS Sr.
Leland Connor (Carson) OL/DL Jr.
Ryan Corley (Narbonne, Harbor City) QB Sr.
Damian Cornejo (Garfield, Los Angeles) RB Jr.
Edward Cuevas (Franklin, Los Angeles) QB Soph.
Gregory Edwards (Jordan, Los Angeles) RB Sr.
Elvan Espenesa (Narbonne, Harbor City) LB Sr.
Nicholas Fernandez (San Pedro) ATH Sr.
Jeremiah Gasca (San Pedro) OL Sr.
Ronnie Gibson (North Hollywood) RB Sr.
Daniel Guzman (Cleveland, Reseda) LB Jr.
Kory Hall (Reseda) WR Jr.
Rashawn Jackson (Venice) WR/KR Sr.
Asa Johnson (El Camino Real, Woodland Hills) P Sr.
Jamie Juarez (Wilson, Los Angeles) DL Sr.
Paul Kessler (Venice) QB Sr.
Dylan Dleib (Rancho Dominguez, Long Beach) OL/DL Jr.
Makani Konopka (San Pedro) LB Sr.
Robert Lamar (Venice) LB Sr.
Nick Lenard (Narbonne, Harbor City) RB Sr.
TraMonte Lowe (Dymally, Los Angeles) DB Jr.
Ayden Martinez (San Pedro) OL/DL Sr.
Jerry Misaalefua (Carson) RB/LB Jr.
Naiim Morgan (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) RB Sr.
Mayor Morales (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) DL Jr.
Evan Nehrenberg (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) TE/LB Jr.
Ricky Negrete (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) LB Sr.
Orion Norcon (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) DB Jr.
Caleb Nuhi-Yandall (Banning, Wilmington) RB/LB Sr.
Elijah Nuhi-Yandall (Banning, Wilmington) Wr Jr.
Antonio Ochoa (Granada Hills Charter) OL Sr.
Emmanuel Okelola (Cleveland, Reseda) DL/LB Jr.
Jacy Oliva (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) K Jr.
Chineda Onyeagoro (King/Drew, Los Angeles) DL/LB Soph.
Giancarlos Orellana (Bell) DL Sr.
Julian Quezada (Roosevelt, Los Angeles) RB Sr.
Brooklyn Pasten (Eagle Rock, Los Angeles) LB/DB Sr.
Isaac Perez (Los Angeles) OL/DL Sr.
Steven Perez (Banning, Wilmington) DB Soph.
Eddie Plaza (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) LB Soph.
Donovan Powell (Cleveland, Reseda) RB Jr.
Isaiah Rameau (Chatsworth) RB Jr.
Jaden Rattay (Lincoln, Los Angeles) WR/FS Sr.
Savyour Riley (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) DB Sr.
Corie Ruell (Canoga Park) RB Sr.
Romeo Signore (Venice) LB Sr.
Malike Simpson (Los Angeles) WR/RB Sr.
Darrell Stanley (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) RB Soph.
Dijon Stanley (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) RB/K Sr.
Oliver Taylor (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) OL/DL Jr.
Triston Thomas (Narbonne, Harbor City) DB Jr.
Jake Treibatch (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) LB Soph.
Abdoni Ubeda (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) OL Jr.
Brian Villareal (Franklin, Los Angeles) LB Jr.
Markel Walton (Los Angeles) LB Sr.
Christopher Washington (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) RB Sr.
Peyton Waters (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) WR/DB Jr.
Barry Weatherspoon (Eagle Rock, Los Angeles) WR Jr.
Arthur Williams (Banning, Wilmington) OL Sr.
Derrell Williams (Diego Rivera, Los Angeles) RB Jr.
DJ Williams (Granada Hills Charter, Granada Hills) DB Sr.
Nazarus Williams (Carson) DB Soph.
Centrell Wise (Hamilton, L.A.) WR/RB Sr.
Jerry Witty (San Pedro) OL/DL Sr.
Juju Zamudio (Garfield, Los Angeles) LB Jr.


Damarrion White of D2-A state champ Granite Hills (El Cajon) will be one of the San Diego Section’s top defensive linemen for next season. Photo: Mark Tennis / Cal-Hi Sports.

Manny Adeiza (San Pasqual, Escondido) DB Jr.
Kevin Allen (Helix, La Mesa) RB Jr.
Armando Apodaca (Vincent Memorial, Calexico) WR Sr.
SirDarius Autry (Hoover, San Diego) RB Soph.
Remi Baere (Torrey Pines, San Diego) QB/RB Sr.
Garrett Bass-Sulpizo (La Jolla Country Day) QB Sr.
Andrew Batalla (San Pasqual, Escondido) DL Sr.
Chris Bausch (Fallbrook) RB Jr.
Xzavier Bejarono (Palo Verde, Blythe) RB/DB Sr.
Will Bond (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) RB Sr.
Tyler Boynton (Bishop’s, La Jolla) DL/LB Jr.
Jaylon Brown (Madison, San Diego) DB/RB Sr.
Ratumana Bulabalavu (Army-Navy, Carlsbad) LB Jr.
Sarahz Buncom (Mater Dei Catholic) ATH Sr.
Isaiah Buxton (Mater Dei Catholic) ATH Jr.
Jonathan Butler (Poway) DB Jr.
Nate Campbell (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) DL Sr.
Jeremiah Castillo (Mount Miguel, Spring Valley) WR Jr.
Tommy Castronovo (LaJolla) DB Sr.
Adrien Chargualaf (Lincoln, San Diego) DB Sr.
K.J. Chatham (Lincoln, San Diego) QB Sr.
Jon Class (Mission Hills, San Marcos) DL Sr.
David Clifford (Poway) OL Jr.
Elijah Cook (Mar Vista, Imperial Beach) WR Jr.
Skylar Cook (Central, El Centro) DB Sr.
Samuel Cooper (University City, San Diego) QB Sr.
Josiah Cox (Lincoln, San Diego) DB Sr.
Jonathan Crowe (Palo Verde, Blythe) DL Sr
Jackson Daniels (Helix, La Mesa) DB Jr.
Matt Davila (Lincoln, San Diego) K/P Sr.
Cayden Dawson (University City, San Diego) TE/DE Sr.
Andy Devine (Mission Hills, San Marcos) LB Sr.
Nicholas Driscoll (Ramona) DL Sr.
Trevor Dunbar (Classical Academy, Escondido) OL/DL Sr.
Tre Edwards (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) LB Sr.
Jacobo Elias (Vincent Memorial, Calexico) QB Jr.
Azlan Enriquez (Ramona) DB Sr.
Chris Fewell (Lincoln, San Diego) LB Sr.
Madden Faraimo (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) DB Soph.
Travis Ford (Helix, La Mesa) DE Jr.
Fabian Gerbella (Eastlake, Chula Vista) LB Jr.
Major Givens (Steele Canyon, Spring Valley) RB Sr.
Josh Glanz (Eastlake, Chula Vista) OL Sr.
Jordan Glaze (Granite Hills, El Cajon) DB Jr.
Adrian Gonzalez (Del Norte, San Diego) DL/LB Jr.
Matthew Gutierrez (Brawley) LB Soph.
Tyler Haley (West Hills, Santee) PK Sr.
Isaiah Hasten (St. Augustine, San Diego) DB Jr.
Makai Herrero (Poway) DB Sr.
Charles Hines (Lincoln, San Diego) OL Sr.
Wesley Hoehner (Rancho Bernardo, San Diego) TE/DL Sr.
Derrek Ibarra (Granite Hills, El Cajon) LB Sr.
Damon Ivey (Carlsbad) DB Jr.
Emmett Jacobson (Point Loma, San Diego) DB Sr.
Isaiah Jackson (Granite Hills, El Cajon) RB Soph.
Jake Jackson (Madison, San Diego) WR Sr.
Jake Janikowski (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) DL Sr.
Justin Johnson (Carlsbad) WR Sr.
Quintin Johnson (El Camino, Oceanside) OL/DL Jr.
Victory Johnson (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) LB Sr.
Wesley Johnson (Carlsbad) DB Sr.
Jamil Kassab (Ramona) DB Jr.
Ladainian Lawrence (University City, San Diego) RB Sr.
Zavier Leatherman (Army-Navy, Carlsbad) LB Soph.
Jax Leatherwood (Scripps Ranch, San Diego) QB Sr.
Kenyon Lepisi (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) LB Sr.
Arath Leyva (Montgomery, San Diego) DL/LB Jr.
Tay Lockett (University City, San Diego) DB Fr.
Aleonte Logan (Morse, San Diego) WR Sr.
Chase Lowary (Point Loma, San Diego) LB Sr.
Skylar MacMahon (Escondido Charter, Escondido) QB Sr.
Markus Macon (Palo Verde, Blythe) RB/DB Sr.
Kreet Makihele (San Marco) QB Fr.
Jaden Mangini (La Jolla Country Day, La Jolla) LB Jr.
Zack Marshall (Carlsbad) TE/DL Sr.
Jared Martin (Central, El Centro) DL/LB Soph.
Jeremiah Flo McClure (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) WR Sr.
Thomas McCormick (Carlsbad) LB Jr.
Anthony McMillian Jr. (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) RB/LB Jr.
Cassius Murphy (Carlsbad) DL Sr.
Andrew Myers (Poway) OL Sr.
Joseph Minchelo (Crawford, San Diego) LB Jr.
Kuddah Mitchell (Madison, San Diego) OL/DL Jr.
Cassius Murphy (Carlsbad) OL/DL Sr.
Dominic Nankil (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) QB Sr.
Finn O’Gorman (Carlsbad) OL Sr.
Ty Olsen (Del Norte, San Diego) WR Soph.
David Peevy (Lincoln, San Diego) LB Sr.
Easton Peterson (Granite Hills, El Cajon) DB Sr.
Robert Petrich (Granite Hills, El Cajon) K Jr.
Keanu Pettiford (Steele Canyon, Spring Valley) LB Sr.
Life Pollard (Classical Academy, Escondido) RB Sr.
Zeus Pradis (Calexico) RB Sr.
Berrot Rankin (Madison, San Diego) LB Sr.
Marcus Ratcliffe (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) DB Sr.
Connor Rath (Poway) RB/KR Sr.
Rodrick Robinson (Lincoln, San Diego) RB Sr.
Anthony Rodriguez (Eastlake, Chula Vista) LB/DB Sr.
Jonah Rodriguez (Madison, San Diego) OL Sr.
Santiago Salas (Mission Hills, San Marcos) RB Sr.
Misael Sandoval (St. Augustine, San Diego) OL Sr.
Jeremiah Savaiinaea (Helix, La Mesa) DT Jr.
Julian Sayin (Carlsbad) QB Jr.
Genesis Seumalo (El Camino, Oceanside) OL Sr.
Abdulahi Sharif (Crawford, San Diego) DB Soph.
Hamadi Sharif (Crawford, San Diego) RB Sr.
Seth Shaw (Imperial) RB/DB Sr.
Chris Snyder (Mater Dei Catholic, Chula Vista) WR/DB Sr.
Ryan Speltz (El Camino, Oceanside) DB Jr.
Matthew Staycer (Torrey Pines, San Diego) OL Sr.
Charlie Sullivan (Central, El Centro) RB Sr.
Alejandro Tejada (Granite Hills, El Cajon) OL Sr.
Corey Thompson-Miller (Lincoln, San Diego) WR Sr.
Makei Thompson (Mira Mesa, San Diego) RB Sr.
Moshi Tilea (Granite Hills, El Cajon) DL Sr.
James Tivao (Madison, San Diego) LB Jr.
Titus Toilolo (Madison, San Diego) DB Jr.
Anthony Trapasso (Rancho Buena Vista, Vista) RB SR.
Owen Tsay (Maranatha Christian, San Diego) QB Sr.
Noah Turbeville (Point Loma, San Diego) RB Sr.
Max Umberg (Point Loma, San Diego) LB Sr.
Drew Ventimiglia (Mt. Carmel, San Diego) WR Sr.
Fermin Velarde (Holtville) LB Jr.
Makhai Viavia (Madison, San Diego) DL Jr.
Mason Walsh (Carlsbad) RB/DB Jr.
Zyan Watson (Madison, San Diego) DL Sr.
Damarrion White (Granite Hills, El Cajon) DL Jr.
Hunter Wiggins (Lincoln, San Diego) DB Sr.
Chris Williams (Francis Parker, San Diego) WR/DB Sr.
Aleksandr Wojcik (Mar Vista, Imperial Beach) QB Sr.
Damarion Wright (Morse, San Diego) RB Sr.

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