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Jackson Moi (left) celebrates during San Diego Cathedral Catholic’s state championship season in 2021. The Dons have won 78.9 percent of their games since their first season in 2006. Players from Dos Palos (right) celebrate during recent season. The Broncos start the 2022 season at No. 3 all-time in California with 672 wins. Photos: Mark Tennis / Cal-Hi Sports & Hudl.com.

While still working on several major honors still to come for the 2022 baseball and softball seasons plus athletes of the year and Grid-Hoop all-state teams, we’re also getting all of our exclusive state records in football updated before the start of the 2022 fall season. Here’s a look at two big ones: schools with the most all-time wins and schools with the best all-time win-loss records.

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(Through 2021 season)
(*Forfeit wins & forfeit losses not included)
(Ties counted as a half a win and half a loss for winning percentage)

1. Concord De La Salle
While a lot of the legendary program’s streaks have fallen in recent years, the distance between DLS and the second-highest win percentage on this list has gone up. Since the first season in 1972, the Spartans are a reported 522-76-8 after 2021 for an 86.8 win percentage.

2. Westlake Village Oaks Christian
Last season’s 7-7 squad plus a 3-1 team in the 2020 pandemic season still kept the Lions in second-place behind De La Salle. Most of the teams right behind just didn’t make up enough ground. They are now 217-46-1* since their first season of 2001 for a 82.4 win percentage.

3. Sacramento Inderkum
Since the first season in 2005, the Tigers’ reported record is 171-37 for an 82.2 win mark. The community was rocked last week by the shooting of death of Greg “Najee” Grimes, the first D1 recruit from the school who later played at Boise State. Grimes also had helped coach at the school.

Option QB Trey Tribble was the individual standout for Fontana Kaiser’s 10-0 regular season team in 2019. The Cats have won 73.5% of their games since first season in 2000. Photo: fontanaheraldnews.com.

4. Perris Citrus Hill
It was only a 1-7 season for the Hawks in 2021, but they have generally been fantastic since the first season in 2005. Entering 2022, Citrus Hill is a reported 158-39* with an 80.2 winning percentage.

5. Chatsworth Sierra Canyon
Program looking to move up into the highest top five echelon in the CIF Southern Section posted a 7-5 record last season after 5-1 in the 2021 late spring season. The Trailblazers have fallen just below 80 percent for all-time wins at 79.4 and have gone 148-38-1 since the first season in 2007.

6. San Diego Cathedral Catholic
Hail to the CIF D1-AA state champs from last season who also moved up on this all-time state list. Since 2006, when the school completed its name-change and move from University of San Diego, it has a reported 165-44* record (78.9%). We do not count Uni wins and losses as part of Cathedral Catholic’s records.

7. Santa Rosa Cardinal Newman
The previous state record holder for longest win streak before De La Salle went on its national record streak of 151 games from 1992 to 2004 has a reported total of 463-134-12 since 1966 for a 77.0 win percentage. The Cardinals had their 47-game win streak from 1972 to 1975.

8. Corona Centennial
A rare league loss in the 2021 spring season didn’t prevent the Huskies from moving up once again on this list. They were 11-1 last fall and are a reported 319-99-1 since 1989 (first season). That’s a 76.2 percent mark, but it’s obviously much higher than that during the years that current head coach Matt Logan has been running the show.

9. Murrieta Vista Murrieta
This other Inland Empire powerhouse collected a 9-3 record in 2021 fall with a 5-0 mark from 2021 spring. That puts the Broncos at a reported 175-55 since 2004 for a 76.1 winning percentage.

10. La Mesa Helix
We had a hunch about the Highlanders and made an effort to connect the dots this time to come up with their all-time record. It checked out better than expected. Since 1951, Helix has gone 540-216-20 with a 75.6 win percentage. We’ll see how a new coach this season changes things, but that has not mattered much in previous coaching changes at Helix.

11. Menifee Heritage
This has been a new school since 2008 and it could be starting to slip on this list since with newer schools it doesn’t take much for that to happen. Heritage has a reported win mark of 75.1 with a record of 124-41.

12. Santa Ana Mater Dei
The Monarchs now have the second-best record among schools with 500 wins or more and trail only De La Salle in that category. Their 5-0 record from spring 2021 and 12-0 from fall 2021 puts them at 581-192-15 in our records (not counting forfeits). The win percentage since the first season in 1950 also is now up to 74.7.

13. Modesto Central Catholic
The Raiders reached the CIF D2-AA state final last season and lost to Mater Dei Catholic of Chula Vista but their 13-2 record inched them up on the all-time wins list. Head coach Roger Canepa’s club will start 2022 with a reported 450-154-9 record since 1968 (first season). It comes out to a 74.1 winning percentage.

14. Fontana Kaiser
It was only a 5-6 season in the fall of 2021 for the Cats, but their strong start to the program under their first head coach (the legendary Dick Bruich of Fontana High fame) still has them with a 73.5 winning percentage in all games since the first season (2000). The totals we have are at 193-69-3.

15. Bakersfield
Playing since 1896 and still the winningest school in state history, the Drillers were 6-6 in 2021 fall and 2-2 in 2021 spring. It’s still amazing that they’ve played so many games and still have a 72.9 win percentage.

Note: Next schools in order on the all-time list are Granite Bay, Los Alamitos, Oak Grove of San Jose and Bishop Amat. To see the entire list of all schools with a 63.2 winning percentage or higher, sign up for GOLD CLUB now and go to this link.


(Through 2021 season)
(*Forfeit wins & forfeit losses not included)

1. Bakersfield
The Drillers won their 800th game last season, but it’s hard to be exact to say which one it was. We have it at 803 wins, 286 losses and 46 ties since 1896. This includes rugby when it was viewed as a substitute for football in the early 20th century. Bakersfield total also doesn’t include 22 wins and three losses by default; seven of the wins forfeited in 1984.

2. Long Beach Poly
With their 11-4 record from last fall plus 4-0 from the 2021 spring, the Jackrabbits are getting close to passing Bakersfield. We have them with 798 wins since 1904, which would be lower by four if one counted four forfeit losses in 2015. And if one isn’t counting rugby like we do, Poly would now be ahead of Bakersfield by seven wins (798-791).

3. Dos Palos
The big news of this update is the Broncos edging past both Berkeley and Palo Alto into the No. 3 position. They were 10-1 last fall and were 4-1 in the spring of 2021. That pushed them to 672 wins since 1923. The odds are good that they will stay there.

Jaden Rashada of Pittsburg is one of the most highly ranked QBs in the nation for 2022. The Pirates became just the ninth school in state history to reach 650 all-time wins last season. Photo: Willie Eashman.

4. Palo Alto
Paly alum Davante Adams is one of the stars of the NFL and was a big part of the school’s only CIF state title team in 2011. The Vikings have won 670 games since 1897 and are coming off of a 5-6 season in 2021 fall.

5. Berkeley
The Yellowjackets have been hanging on in recent seasons and that continued in 2021 fall (3-6 record). They were third in our last update of this state list but are still fifth with 669 wins, 449 losses and 61 ties* since 1891.

6. Los Angeles Loyola
Southern California’s oldest school had a solid 8-4 fall of 2021 after a 3-0 spring a few months earlier. That put the Cubs at 667 wins since their first reported season of 1908. They figure to push past Berkeley at some point this upcoming season.

7. Santa Monica
A previous longtime rival of Loyola’s, SaMoHi has been struggling in recent years. The Vikings were only 1-7 last fall after 0-3 in spring 2021. They start this season with 658 reported wins since 1898.

8. San Jose Bellarmine
Under new head coach Jalal Beauchman, the Bells are in a bit of a resurgence and will be looking to push further toward the top of the West Catholic Athletic League this season. They were 8-4 last fall and now have 657 reported all-time wins. Bellarmine and Loyola really should get it done and play each other someday.

9. Pittsburg
Since 1924, the Pirates have compiled a reported record of 650-299-40 and should be in line to win a bunch of games this season with a plethora of returning starters. Pitt lost in the 2021 CIF North Coast Section D1 final to De La Salle and then lost in the CIF D1-A regional final to Liberty of Bakersfield

10. Santa Barbara
The Dons had a solid group last fall that rang up an 8-4 record. They’re still solidly in the top 10 on the all-time list with 649 wins since 1900.

11. Eureka
This team posted a 2-7 record last fall after going 5-0 in the 2021 pandemic season. The put the Loggers with 645 reported wins since 1901.

12. Los Gatos
Here come the Wildcats. They were 10-1 last fall with just a heart-breaking loss to Bellarmine on their resume. And that was after a 5-0 spring. Los Gatos starts 2022 with 641 reported wins since 1897.

13. Santa Ana
It’s still going to take Mater Dei some years to surpass Santa Ana High as the winningest all-time football team in town. The Saints have been playing since 1894 and have 631 wins (531 losses, 45 ties). They were 8-3 last season and 6-0 in the 2021 spring.

14. Monrovia
The Vikings heated up last season to go 10-1 after a so-so 2-2 in the 2021 spring season. They will start 2022 with 623 all-time reported wins.

15. Chico
After winning the CIF Northern Section D2 title, the Panthers lost in the 2021 CIF NorCal D4-AA final to Sacred Heart Cathedral of San Francisco. They finished 9-4. That also pumped up their all-time wins total to 612 since 1896.

Note: Next schools in order on this all-time list are Lompoc, Manteca, Los Angeles High and Tehachapi. To see the entire list of all schools with 487 wins or higher (it’s more than 100 deep), sign up for GOLD CLUB now and go to this link.

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  1. Steve
    Posted August 22, 2022 at 4:38 am | Permalink

    You say that Loyola is Southern California’s oldest school but right above that you say Long Beach Poly started playing four year earlier? Oldest but not first one to play football? Didn’t San Diego High open/play before that too?

    • Mark Tennis
      Posted August 22, 2022 at 11:42 am | Permalink

      Loyola is the oldest based on the year it began and not based on the first year in which there are reported football scores.
      First score we have from San Diego High is from 1892. You could easily google to see what year that it opened.

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