More Mascots Fun (Closed Schools)

Everyone loves unique mascot names with some of the most popular in California being the Lincoln Zebras of Lincoln, Mayfair Monsoons of Lakewood, Vintage Crushers of Napa, Poly Parrots of Los Angeles, Chester Volcanoes of Chester and Venice Gondoliers of Venice. Here’s some more with the added twist that these are schools that are closed (many for a very long time).

Some of these closed schools don’t have extremely unique nicknames, but the schools having existed at all in California seemed very unique and interesting.

Black-Foxe Military Academy Bulldogs (Los Angeles)
Clarksburg Comets
Cogswell Dragons (San Francisco)
Dewey Admirals (Long Beach)
Excelsior Pilots (Norwalk)
Jackson Ramblers (Los Angeles)
Junipero Cardinals (Monterey)
La Sierra Longhorns (Carmichael)
McKinley Boys Vols (Van Nuys)
McKinley Home Atomites (Los Angeles)
Metropolitan Workers (Los Angeles)
Montezuma Aztecs (Los Gatos)
Nelles Nitehawks (Whittier)
Nevada City Yellowjackets
Oakland Vocational Vokes (Oakland)
O’Connell Boilermakers (San Francisco)
Pine Grove Woodchoppers (Amador County)
Preston Prisoners (Waterford)
Rambam Torah Macabees (Los Angeles)
Raymond Granite Rocks (Madera)
Robert E. Lee Military Academy Rebs (Torrance)
Roosevelt Roughriders (Oakland)
Schneider Stags (Stockton)
St. Francis Terrors (Bakersfield)
St. Joseph Military Academy Shamrocks (Los Angeles)
Stockton Tarzans
Torrance Millitary Academy Donkeys
Vandemonte (San Bernardino) Ranchers
Verdant Vales Daystars (Middletown)
Closed girls schools:
Argyl Academy Socks (Los Angeles)
St. Rose Rascals (San Francisco)
There also was a separate Courtland High School before Clarksburg and Courtland merged to form Delta. Cogswell of San Francisco later became Poly of San Francisco (that school closed many years ago as well). Nevada City and Grass Valley (GV was the Miners) became Nevada Union in early 1950s. One of school’s first grads was Cal-Hi Sports founder Nelson Tennis. La Sierra (Carmichael), which closed in 1982, is where Mark Tennis of Cal-Hi Sports is from. Oakland Vocational only existed a few years before becoming more familiar school name we all know — McClymonds.

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    Courtland Chargers

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    Crestmoor (San Bruno) Falcons

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