Baseball Tips: Guide To Buying The Right Catcher’s Bag

Baseball, like other sports, requires a set of specific equipment for participants to play the activity correctly. For example, it might be challenging for catchers to grab a speeding fastball mid-flight without a reliable catcher’s mitt. So, it’s relatively safe to say that you’ll need the right bag to place and carry all baseball equipment, especially if you’re a catcher. Hence, continue reading for a buying guide to help you purchase the right catcher’s bag.

Know The Size Of Your Gear

You want a catcher’s bag that can fit all of your gear, such as the catcher’s helmet, mitt, leg guards, and knee savers. But, different catchers have differently-sized gear. So, you’d want a container in which all of these pieces of equipment can fit.

Baseball gear manufacturers produce catcher’s bags in different sizes. If you’re buying for a player who wears relatively small equipment, a small-sized bag with handles should suffice. Otherwise, you may consider purchasing a bag with straps so the container can act as a backpack when needed.

Furthermore, if you’re purchasing a catcher’s bag for a player with relatively large gear, consider buying a bigger bag with wheels. Conventional catcher’s bags tend to lack wheels. But, large containers with wheels can help you move the bag around while providing you with enough space for all your baseball equipment.

Know The Quality

Again, not all catcher’s bags are equal, and you shouldn’t stop searching just because you already found the right size for your gear. Now, it’s time to check for the container’s quality.

When checking for the quality of the bag, consider the following factors:

*Zipper’s fluidness when opening and closing the bag
*Proper insulation
*Additional features

Low-quality catcher’s bags might have zippers that get jammed frequently. Perhaps, the last thing you’d want is your coach to scream at you because you can’t get the bag open because of a jammed zipper. You’re trying to open your bag while the rest of the baseball team is waiting for you can be quite embarrassing.

Aside from the condition of the zipper, the bag should have proper insulation. This characteristic allows your gear to remain dry, especially when a sudden rain shows up in your area.

Also, a high-quality catcher’s bag may have additional features to give users extra value for their cash. For example, one bag might catch your eye because it has several inner pockets for you to keep some of your other possessions.

Consider investing in a high-quality catcher’s bag despite the high price. Low-quality bags can help you save money, but you might find yourself buying another container soon when it breaks.

Know The Comfort

Baseball equipment can be heavy, and you don’t want the weight hindering you from standing or walking correctly. The comfort level of your catcher’s bag should be sufficient enough that it won’t give you discomfort when you’re lugging equipment.

As a catcher, you need to change positions frequently. So, you need a bag that offers as much comfort as possible. With it, the container ensures that you’ll always be playing at the top of your game. Otherwise, you might be complaining about muscle soreness even before you step on the field.

However, how can you check the comfort of a bag if you’re purchasing online? If you’re buying a catcher’s bag from an online retailer, it’s best to check online reviews first.

Check for any negative feedback pointing to the comfort level of a specific catcher’s bag that caught your eye. If many users complained that the container is giving them discomfort, then, it’s time to choose another bag for your baseball gear.

Know Your Budget

Baseball equipment can be expensive, especially if you’re a catcher. Buying all the necessary gear can leave a large hole in your wallet. So, think about your spending allowance while you’re shopping for a catcher’s bag. You don’t want to spend all of your savings on the bag and forget about purchasing other essential baseball equipment.

Make sure to have a spending plan ready while you’re looking for the right catcher’s bag. If you’re buying the container online, try to use search filters, such as searching from a price range. This feature helps make your search more manageable than before, allowing you to arrive at a concrete decision quickly.


Searching for the right catcher’s bag requires you to know the size of your gear. Furthermore, you need to follow your budget and feel the comfort and quality of the bag before purchasing it.

As an additional tip, make sure to follow the rules and restrictions provided by the governing association when shopping for a catcher’s bag. You might encounter a baseball association that limits your choices of bags to ensure fair play. Follow these laws to avoid getting into trouble during the official baseball season.

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