Best Fitness Trackers For Athletes

Finally, a new decade is here! We’re all bursting with New Year resolutions, and health & fitness goals are a part of that list. So what better way to keep your fitness goals alive all year round than by getting a personal fitness assistant who continually checks on your vitals, calories and sleep quality. Photo credit:

Investing in a quality fitness tracker will help you ace your fitness resolutions this year. We feature some A-list brands and evaluate each in terms of specs, stand-out features, design and software compatibility.’=

Want to crush your workouts and maximize your recovery? Get yourself a smart fitness tracker.
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What to consider when choosing a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are targeted at different users. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, there are tons of fitness trackers available and finding the right one can be quite challenging.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or gym rat, there’s a fitness tracker for your health and fitness needs. before buying a fitness tracker consider the following:

Power: What is the battery life of your fitness tracker? Can it last long enough to complement your physical activity needs? A wide variety of fitness trackers run on batteries and you’ll need to refill the tank once they dry out. The longer-lasting the battery, the better value for your bucks you get.

Smartphone compatibility: Choose a fitness tracker that can connect to your Smartphone device. This way, you can send and receive texts and calls while you exercise and also your workout stats. Some trackers feature Smartphone apps to allow you to store your health data in one convenient place.

Design: Test out your wearables to find out whether they are lightweight and comfortable or heavy and super clunky. Invest in a fitness tracker that fits your wrist like a glove and is not an eyesore. Look for wearables in a variety of colorful and stylish designs to complement your outfits.

Wellness features: What fitness goals do you want to achieve and what are the essential components you have to track? Some trackers monitor your heart rate while others track your sleep patterns and calories burned. We have monitors that keep track of daily movement and distance covered per workout. These give you valuable insights into your physical and mental state.

Physical activity: What are your fitness routine needs? How can your fitness tracker improve your fitness regimen? If you engage in a light exercise like walking, yoga or Pilates, go for a basic fitness tracker to monitor your sleep and heart rate.

On the other hand, if you are into high-intensity workouts including swimming and running, choose a more premium quality fitness tracker with a slew of features like vital reads and mileage tracker.

Best Fitness Trackers for Athletes:
These innovative fitness trackers are the inspiration you need to get off the couch. They’ll help nudge you towards better lifestyle choices. Whether you want to ace your fitness goals, keep tabs on your overall health or analyze your performance, there is a fitness tracker for your needs.

Fitfort fitness tracker with blood pressure HR monitor
Fitfort takes the crown when it comes to the best fitness tracker for athletes. If you’re looking for a fitbit with blood pressure monitor, this is your ideal choice. Fitfort is one of the most accomplished all-round fitness trackers with a full suite of fitness tracking features including all-day step counting, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring thanks to its smart Matter Sensing Technology.

We like the large, stylish 0.9 inch LCD display with up to 5 adjustable brightness levels. Couch potatoes! This wristwatch will remind you to keep it moving plus it features 14 fitness modes to help you spice up your workout routines. Plus it lasts you up to a week on a full tank.

Get valuable insights into your sleep quality, step count and calories torched per workout session. With the SNS alert, you can stay connected to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. On the flip side, you can only connect to a Smartphone but not iPhone or tablet.

Mgaolo fitness tracker

Style and substance meet quality with the innovative Mgaolo fitness tracker. This wristwatch offers a slew of creative perks to help you nail your fitness goals. Monitor your heartbeat with a glance on your wrist. It comes in a thin, stylish design with an innovative scorecard to help you adjust your workout plans and lifestyle to suit your needs.

With the innovative sleep tracking capabilities plus detailed sleep analysis, you can monitor your sleep patterns to wake up refreshed both physically and mentally. This wristwatch is a pretty darn good investment if you’re looking to get into shape. The vivid display shows you how much calories you have torched after each workout plan.

This reliable fitness tracker is a plus especially for ladies. You can monitor your menstrual cycle and ovulation days when you’re trying for a baby. The only downside is the GPS isn’t inbuilt, and it’s not compatible with PC and iPad.

How much does a fitness tracker cost?

Most fitness trackers cost between $50 and $250. Less than $50 and you’re stuck with a subpar device with mediocre accuracy. Also, they don’t come with a display so you can’t keep track of your steps unless you use your smartphone.

Pricey options over $250 pack a slew of top-notch features including built-in GPS and heart-rate monitors and are often tailored towards exercise enthusiasts. Figure out your needs first before buying a fitness tracker. If your primary physical activity is walking, save yourself the extra expense of buying a tracker with a heart rate and blood pressure monitor.

Bottom line:

Fitness trackers are essential for sports junkies. These powerful devices help push your limits while exercising and enable you to smash your fitness goals.

Before settling on your ideal fitness tracker, be on the lookout for durability and features. This will determine whether you go running or swimming. If you want high-end features, you’ll definitely spend more. The best fitness tracker narrows down to what you want to achieve.

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