Do You Really Think Sports Games Are Boring?

There are people who play sports and people who play games that depict sports. But regardless of preferences, you can’t say one side is boring without having tried it.

While it makes sense that active people will think that an activity can be boring if it doesn’t involve a lot of movement, gaming is far from being tedious. In fact, according to the latest scientific discoveries, gaming stimulates the same areas of the brain as physical activity. So, to the brain, there isn’t that much of a difference between playing soccer or playing a soccer video game.

But sports video games provide a great experience of the sport being played. Some even take you to the big leagues and offer a point of view that will never be accessible to regular people in the real world.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular titles on the market and the amazing experience they provide.

The FIFA Series

Whether you’re an avid player or you’ve never opened a game in your life, you know about the FIFA game series. There are so many and EA Sports releases one every year, so it’s impossible to not have at least an idea of what this is. In fact, according to EA, the FIFA series is the largest sports video game franchise in the world.

The game is a soccer simulation that lets players peek behind the curtain and experience what it means to manage a team. You get to build your own team, select players, arrange games, and plot your team’s path to success.

One of the reasons people enjoy playing these games is the incredible detail and realism of the scenario. You have the chance to hire some of the biggest names in soccer to play for your team and you get to negotiate with some of the biggest clubs. Your players will see the biggest leagues and face the toughest adversaries.

So, even though you won’t be playing football or soccer, you have the chance to fully understand the game. But, if you can’t afford to buy the latest FIFA installment, you can always find lots of soccer games you can play for free (click here for a wide select of browser games).

The NBA Series

Just like FIFA, the NBA series has a number of versions, and a new one is released every year. In similar fashion, the game is designed to provide players with a realistic experience, making the simulation of a basketball game feel incredibly authentic.

Furthermore, if you dream about playing with the big names of basketball, this may be your only chance. The NBA series features famous players and lets you enlist their services in the team. But, if you don’t have the gear to run such a demanding game or the budget to buy it in the first place, there are other free games that let you enjoy playing with the legends.

Basketball Stars is a good example of a browser game that’s light on the computer and easy to play whenever and wherever you want.

Wrap Up

Of course, we could go on and on with the list of sports video games, but the idea is that they are far from boring. The current technology allowed developers to create simulations that feel incredibly real and many are available in Virtual Reality mode. Moreover, as technology evolves, you may not feel any differences between simulation and reality.

So, you can be a player in real life and you can enjoy the excitement of a good video game.

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