Building Your Own Tennis Bet Tips

Through major competitions like Wimbledon, The French Open and the ATP World Tour Finals, betting on tennis has become a more desirable activity. It’s also been helped by bookmakers, who’ve looked to provide every possible outcome for their customers to get behind. Fans of the sport are definitely now in their element as they attempt to gain some profit from having a wager on the year’s biggest tennis tournaments.

Getting fully involved in betting on any sport you’re not totally clued up on can be effectively impossible. This is something that you can work on through having your own bets on tennis and learning the ropes first-hand, but it makes sense to get a grasp of the typical betting markets before staking your own money. These come in several forms, with not as many as with more popular sports like football, but more than enough to cover the outcomes you’d expect to back for your own tennis betting tips.

Primary tennis betting markets include:

Match Result and Set Winners

A cornerstone for betting on tennis is the Match Result market. It tends to be the case for most sports you can bet on, where the eventual winner is unsurprisingly the most basic and easiest thing to predict. While other markets are seen as being preferable to experienced betters, this is the one that appeases newcomers, and it’s always the best place to get started. Coverage of this market and all others can be seen on TeamFA, who always look to provide insightful tennis betting tips and previews on key matches.

Often included alongside the match result, betting on set winners is important for those who want to get behind the player who’s capable of winning the opening set. Set betting plays a big part in tennis betting tips, with other options being the number of total sets, and the outright result in terms of sets.

Bookmaker markets for tennis

More tennis betting markets are made available the closer you get to that event taking place. Handicaps are an option in the same way that they are in a large portion of sports, and yes or no answers are available to back surrounding whether there’ll be a tie-break in the match, a tie-break in the first set, and a straight sets whitewash for either player.

Every possible outcome is covered by bookmakers who provide odds on tennis. Betting on the total number of games in the match you’re watching has become one of the favorable alternative bets to place, as it doesn’t matter which player wins the game, as long as there’s more or less than a given number of games played.

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