Baseball: State Record Update

We have not one but two of our Cal-Hi Sports State Players of the Year in baseball who are among the all-time leaders in the state record category of most consecutive scoreless innings by a pitcher.

Mr. Baseball State Player of the Year Joe Magrisi of San Diego Torrey Pines had his streak of scoreless innings stopped at 54 2/3 innings in the first round of the CIF San Diego Section Open Division playoffs. But it turns out he would have had to get past 59 1/3 innings to break the state record.

That’s the total that Pasadena Maranatha junior Dawson Netz had when his streak of scoreless innings was broken in the fifth inning of a CIF Southern Section Division 3 playoff game against Palos Verdes of PV Estates. Netz’s streak wasn’t as highly publicized, but was basically one week behind Magrisi’s. When it was at 48, there were local media reports that it broke the CIFSS record, but that is not correct. Netz, who this week has been chosen as the State Junior Player of the Year, does now have the CIFSS record, but the previous best was 53 set in 1958 by Denny LeMaster of Oxnard.

That one extra out in the fifth inning of that game vs. Palos Verdes also was significant. It allowed Netz to move just past the longstanding Cal-Hi Sports state record of 59 innings set in 1970 by Jerry Jordan of Avenal (CIF Central Section).

Note: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, consecutive scoreless innings streaks are only counted from the previous inning in which no runs scored. In other words, no 1/3 or 2/3 innings are added. NCAA record lists in this category do list 1/3 or 2/3 inning breakdowns. We believe that the late Cal-Hi Sports records compiler Nelson Tennis would have counted 1/3 or 2/3 inning designations if he knew about them. We doubt that some of the record totals that Nelson had were reported with those differences. In the case of Dawson Netz, we know that he got one out to extend his streak to 59 1/3 and we know that Jerry Jordan of Avenal in 1970 ended his season with 59 straight scoreless innings, thanks to CIF Central Section historian Bob Barnett. Therefore, as a tie-breaker in instances in which pitchers have the same number of innings, we will list the 1/3 or 2/3 inning differences from here on and will consider Dawson’s state record indeed to be at 59 1/3 innings.

There’s still a catch to Netz’s record, however. Another junior, Max Nyrop of Alameda, ended the season with current 55-inning scoreless streak. If Nyrop can go 4 2/3 scoreless innings in his first game of the 2019 season, he would then move in front of Netz on the all-time state list.

Here is the updated state record list (according to Cal-Hi Sports):

Most Consecutive Scoreless Innings
59 1/3 – Dawson Netz, Pasadena Maranatha, 2018 (Jr.)
59 – Jerry Jordan, Avenal, 1970
57 – Steven Perry, Maxwell, 2010-2011
55 – Wayne Nix, Sepulveda Monroe, 1995
55 – Max Nyrop, Alameda, 2018 (Jr.)*
54 2/3 – Joe Magrisi, San Diego Torrey Pines, 2018
54 – Mike Welker, Chico Pleasant Valley, 1967
53 – Denny LeMaster, Oxnard, 1958
52 – Scott McGregor, El Segundo, 1972
52 – Jason Codiroli, San Jose Archbishop Mitty, 2005
44 – Wayne Qualls, Exeter, 1967
42 – David Wells, San Diego Point Loma, 1982
*Current streak entering 2019 season.

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  1. Ted Brock
    Posted June 26, 2018 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Worth noting that Netz went Orel Hershiser’s MLB record 59 consecutive scoreless innings one out better? Come on, Dodgers. Sooner than later, put the Bulldog behind home plate, let the Maranatha Mower-Downer toe the slab, and have the kid throw out the first pitch one of these nights. (Unless that kind of radical, outside-the-box thinking violates C.I.F. rules, of course!)

    • Mark Tennis
      Posted June 27, 2018 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

      True and they should do that for Dawson for setting this state record. And if the kid from Alameda breaks that record early next season, the A’s should do the same in Oakland.

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