Top four hoop-themed video games

Ever since the invention of games consoles, there has been a variety of different genres of game available for people to play – with one of the more popular proving to be sports-themed games. The best of these games allow you to take on the role of a manager, compete as a favorite player or use your grasp of the sport to win money. This article will showcase some of the best basketball themed games that are out there and have ever been out there.

One of the best basketball-themed video games ever is NBA Showdown circa the 1990s from EA Sports.

NBA Showdown

This Super NES console game hit the shops all the way back in 1993, but it remains very playable today – and represented a huge leap forward in the quality of basketball console games. It was the first to offer the player the complete roster of every team in the NBA, as well as the chance to play out a complete season of 82 games. Throw in basic defensive and offensive displays and NBA Showdown pushed basketball games towards a more realistic simulation.

NCAA March Madness 2004

Coming out just over a decade later, this PlayStation and Xbox game offered a dramatically improved set of graphics – with players and action now depicted in less more dimensional, less cartoon form. The focus was college basketball and it let players pick their favorite team and then have that side’s colors, mascot and song as their main menu. It also had crowd noises, plus Dick Vitale and Brad Nessler commentating on the action.

NBA Street Vol.2

This is another game that allowed gamers to play as some of the top basketball stars of the era – including Michael Jordan – but instead of playing out games on a simulated basketball court, they played on a simulated street. It featured arcade game-play inspired by NBA Jam, including free throw line dunks and the ability to fly over the backboards, while locations included New York’s Rucker Park.

Slam Dunk

This is a slot machine game inspired by the NBA, which is featured at online casino sites, check the review of the casinos such as this Golden Tiger review to make sure they have this game before you register. It features really impressive graphics, with a basketball stadium featured as the background and shirts, sneakers, cheerleaders, players and fans all featured on the five reels. This and the sound effects ensures that the theme really comes across as you play, with the aim being to get matching reels – as with most slots games. There is also a neat bonus round activated when you get a matching line of the number 23, Michael Jordan shirts on a reel, as well as a $45,000 top jackpot.

If you don’t have the time to get out there and practice your basketball skills, playing one of these games will be an excellent alternative.

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