Turf cleaning made easy

There’s plenty of debate whether dangerous bacteria can grow on a aging artificial playing surface or even new ones, but why take a chance? Coaches and ADs don’t have to tear up their fields. A deep cleaning of the field may be all that is needed.
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Note: Pacheco Brothers Gardening already is a proud sponsor of the CIF North Coast Section and has the only turf cleaning machine on the West Coast.

A common problem with artificial turf is the debris and bacteria that builds up deep down within the infill.

This problem results from the compaction of the material that restricts drainage and creates damp areas, leading to MRSA and STAFF, both dangerous infections.

To help you address these problems in the fields you manage, Pacheco Brothers Gardening has state of the art Verti-Air turf cleaning system.

This revolutionary piece of equipment utilizes a rotary brush and turbine compressed air to lift out the material, sift out the debris and return the clean, dry and decompacted material back into the turf.

Call (510) 487 3580 today to see about our annual maintenance contracts or our one time turf-cleaning specials.

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