4 Ways To Earn Dollars off HS Football Without Betting

Although high school football is not as popular as professional football in the US, it still attracts a relatively large audience. There has even been talk of allowing high school football stars to commercialize their footballing prowess. Still, you can earn money off high school football without betting. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Imagine if a player like Jake Browning was in fantasy football when he was at Folsom High. Photo: Mark Tennis.

Imagine if a player like Jake Browning was in fantasy football when he was at Folsom High. Photo: Mark Tennis.


Blogging is a popular activity that you can turn into a lucrative blogging business the way blogs such as Techcrunch and Gizmodo have done (grown into fully-fledged sites that attract millions of visitors per day). However, blogging requires commitment since a blogger has to research and produce content that resonates with the target audience, which in this case consists of high school football fans. For example, you could write blogs describing in detail how free bets work. In addition, be prepared to grow blog traffic over time, which could be anywhere from months to years depending on the uniqueness, quality and type of content published.

Play Fantasy Football for Productivity Purposes

Unlike betting on football games, playing fantasy football is legal in the US and you can capitalize on this freedom in several ways. To start with, a survey conducted by Quantum Workplace found that the performance of workers who participate in fantasy football games is 12% better than the performance of peers who do not participate in the same activity. This is particularly important because most employers award salary increases and job promotions based on performance. Moreover, a study published by Forbes magazine found that playing fantasy football usually enhances the business acumen of players.


Unlike blogging, vlogging is even more lucrative and has better engagement metrics, thanks to the rising preference among web users for video content. For instance, figures from Econsultancy show that 64% of viewers are likely to make purchases online after watching videos promoting goods or services. This means you could vlog about high school football merchandise and direct your audience to an ecommerce site that sells the merchandise. You could also earn money from ads shown alongside your video content. Finally, you could turn vlogging about high school football into a full time job if you become an authority and attract a sizable audience.

Join the Mobile App Revolution

You could also earn money from high school football by developing and releasing mobile apps that focus solely on this sport. For instance, you could build a high school football game or a virtual coaching app if you have in-depth knowledge of the game. After building your app, you use either the freemium or the premium model to monetize it. The former model requires device owners to pay to access advanced app features while the latter model requires upfront payment to access all app features.


There are numerous ways to earn money off high school football without betting. Some of the strategies you can use to achieve this goal include vlogging, playing Fantasy football games, blogging, as well as developing and releasing a mobile app targeting high school football fans.

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