Want to make all-state next season?

One of the best ways to help any athlete attain greater honors is to use goal-setting and the new goal-setting app from MyGoalMine.com. Here is an example of how the general goal of “I want to become an all-state player next season” can be attained through establishing proper sub-goals.

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Note: This article has been repurposed from one done way back in 1992 in Student Sports Magazine by Stan Castleton.

If you are a basketball player already looking forward to next season, the first step in establishing your major goals is to make each goal specific and measurable. It’s got to be similar to “I want to become an all-state player” or “I want to be first team all-league.”

My-Goal Mine shadow 200This is a specific goal that is either reached or not reached when those honors are announced. A goal like “I want to be a very good player” is not specific enough and leaves too many questions to be anwered.

The next step is to analyze the major goal by asking how it can be reached. Precisely and realistically, what has to be done on a day-by-day basis.

The following sub-goals therefore might be essential toward reaching that major goal:

1. I will eat the correct foods in four meals per day and will regularly take vitamins and supplements so I can gain 15 pounds.

2. I will participate in weight training and conditioning workouts three times per week. I will not miss a single one. I will accelerate this training during August, September and during the first two weeks of October. Due to these workouts, I will increase my vertical jump by six inches before fall practices begin.

3. I will work on my ball handling and passing skills for at least 20 minutes per day, Monday through Saturday until October. I will not miss a day, even when I have spring/summer league games.

4. I will shot at least 500 shots per day Monday through Friday until October. At least 250 of those shots will be off the dribble or off specific moves. I will not miss a day, even when I have spring/summer games.

5. I will not miss any spring/summer games.

6. I will play in at least one pick-up or playground game per week against better players than I am.

7. I will become a student of the game by being a coach on the floor during summer league games and will always try to outguess the opposition.

So now you have your major goal and your sub-goals of how to get there.

The final step is to write down the goal or get your coach to sign up your team for the MyGoalMine.com app program to it can be loaded onto your phone. You will need to look at your list and your major goal each and every day.

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