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Twice per month on the CalHiSports.com blog, we’ll be running short writeups for athletes and coaches regarding the importance of goal-setting and how correct, precise goal-setting can benefit every team and every player. Here is the latest entry….

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By Sam Johnson
Special to CalHiSports.com

My passion concerning the power of goal-setting as a tool to attain success cannot be shaken. However, it is difficult to get a proper goal-setting program in place.

smart-adToo often, those who have worked with a coach to set goals cannot produce a list of goal where those goals have been reduced to writing.

It is difficult for a coach to make sure goals are being read everyday, to track goal progress, and even more difficult to adjust goals through the season.

It is because of these inherent difficulties that My Goal Mine came to fruition; it provides an easy to use online platform where goals can be written down correctly, tracked, rewarded and accomplished. Most importantly, we provide our players with a life long tool that isn’t taught in the classrooms.

Before we actually set any goals, we need to know how to do so correctly. We must think about what we want to accomplish and why before we write them down. Below are the 10 Golden Rules we need to know to set proper goals:

1. Set specific goals in measurable and behavioral terms.
2. Set moderately difficult but realistic goals.
3. Set short-range as well as long-range goals.
4. Set process and performance goals as well as outcome goals.
5. Set positive goals as opposed to negative goals.
6. Identify target dates for attaining goals.
7. Identify goal achievement strategies.
8. Record goals once they have been identified.
9. Provide for goal evaluation.
10. Provide support for goals.

My Goal Mine will be hosting free webinars on Wednesday, Dec 17 (that’s this week) and January 21 introducing the platform to coaches. Cal-Hi Sports encourages coaches to attend one of these two educational webinars and finally be able to enjoy the benefits of having a successful goal-setting program.

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