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Chris Asher, our official Cal-Hi Sports speed coach, will offer speed tips to aspiring young athletes on this site as part of a continuing series of blog posts. Here is the first one.

How Arms & Upper Body Impact SPEED

Running is very simple but it can seem difficult for most people. And most people don’t realize how important their arms and upper body are to speed.

In reality, your body will only go as fast as your arms go when sprinting fast. If your arms don’t move, then you won’t move.

Chris Asher 200Before sprinting in the 40 or on the track or field, I have some simple tips that can help anyone.

1. Relax your neck shoulders, arms and hands completely.

2. Lower your shoulders completely and don’t raise them while running.

3. Make sure you are feeling no tension in the neck and shoulders.

4. Do not ball your hands up into a fist; this causes tension and stress that will go up to your neck and shoulders.

5. Think of your shoulder like a door hinge; all it does in running is let the door swing open and closed (in this case arms going back and forth.)

6. Punch your elbow back because it will come forward by itself just as when you are walking normally. Running in many ways is no different than walking from a mechanical standpoint but we’ll have more on that later.

Remember, the faster you pump your arms with the least amount of stress and tension, the faster you will go. Talk to you soon.

You can connect with speed coach Chris Asher by email at Chris.Asher@goldmedalexcellence.com , follow him on
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Instagram at @goldmedalexcellence_chrisasher.
To see pictures and training videos, CLICK HERE.

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