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Baseball players & coaches at Moorpark — aka the Musketeers — go a little crazy after winning a tournament in 2017. At right are football players from Bakersfield. The Drillers still lead the state in all-time football wins. Photos: &

As El Camino Real of Woodland Hills has decided within the last week to abandon its “Conquistadores” nickname and is considering alternatives, the nicknames we’ve always liked best in all of our years of covering the state are the ones that are unique and not used by any other schools. We have plenty of Eagles, Warriors, Mustangs, Bulldogs, Titans, Patriots, Cougars and more. Go inside to see El Camino Real’s new possibilities, what the other “Conquistadors” in the state may be doing and lists of all schools in the state we know of with a unique nickname plus unique nicknames we like that are still available.

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Many people may not have dug that much into it, but calling your school “the Conquistadors” might as well be calling themselves “the Slaughterers” because that’s what many of the actual Spanish and Portuguese soldiers and generals did to the native peoples they conquered in North America after Christopher Columbus “discovered” the new world in 1492.

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