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As a continuing effort to enhance user experience and provide a more dynamic entryway into all that we offer and will add in the future, the homepage has been redesigned.

The infrastructure of the site’s story pages will be the same, but here are some highlights of the new homepage:

1. Easier to navigate pages, links and drop down menus for all-state team archives, state rankings archives and state records.

2. More prominent placement of our sign-in module both to attract potential new subscribers and for current subscribers. Everyone should also be reminded that there is a dashboard associated with each subscription in that module so anyone can manage their subscription from there. When it is time to drop, and we know from all of the years in high school sports that there will always be a percentage of folks who will drop out after their son or daughter graduates, we can handle those requests through email but folks can do it themselves.

3. Featured Articles module moved from the so-called right rail to a spot below our main story sliders.

4. Addition of Featured Links module. We have three to start, but will switch these out periodically and we will use it as an additional incentive for potential advertisers.

5. Bolder headlines for all modules on the homepage with more photos added to the modules (player rankings, state record book and more).

6. New photos (except one) selected for our left and right border areas. These are the shaded black-and-white photos that we’ll commit to switching out at least once per year. We were looking for a combination of a few familiar faces and kids displaying some raw emotion after they won section or state championships. We have done a social media promotion for the new homepage with a $50 prize for the first person who has correctly named 9 of the 10 schools associated with the new border photos plus 9 of the 10 individuals.

Thanks to those who have helped us along the way in getting to the point where our site is continuing to grow slowly but surely every week and every year since we had to start all over again in 2013 due to the elimination of the high school sports division at ESPN. We want to especially thank our site designer, James Kerti, for guiding us through the more technical aspects of the site’s operations, which in turn has helped the site to grow on many different levels.

For any questions about the site moving forward, email or call/text 209-608-1317

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