More All-State FB Nominees (Part 1)

Linebacker Josh McCurty (left) from Eastlake of Chula Vista was one of the top defenders in the CIF San Diego Section. Jonah Tauanu’u from Narbonne of Harbor City (right) already has been named L.A. City Section Player of the Year, a rare achievement for an offensive lineman. Photos: San Diego Prep Insider / &

Here’s the second group of players who have been placed on our board of nominees toward selection of the 40th annual Cal-Hi Sports All-State Football Teams. These players are from the CIF Central Section, CIF L.A. City Section and CIF San Diego Section. Believe it or not, but we’ve reached 40 years since Cal-Hi Sports founder Nelson Tennis (1936-2004) sat down and jotted down the first postseason all-state football team for California. Just last year, we added an all-state patch ordering system through partners at and we’ll be doing that again during the 2018-19 school year in all sports.

Note: Cal-Hi Sports All-State Football content that will be for Gold Club members include second, final list of nominees plus second team, third team overall and All-State Juniors, All-State Sophomores. The free posts will be first team overall and first team small schools and medium schools. If you want to check out all of our rankings content, all of our all-state content and state record updates, you can check it out for just $3.99 to cover a one-month subscription. For info, CLICK HERE.

Northern California correspondent Daniel Poulter compiled most of these names, beginning with last year’s final set of nominees. Thanks, Daniel.

These first series of posts represents the first step toward selection of the annual Cal-Hi Sports All-State Football Teams and it is done in this way to elicit additional nominees that may have been missed. After all, there are 1,200 high schools in the state and our all-state teams are done in such a way that more than 300 players eventually could be selected.

The first list of initial nominees was for the CIF sections in Northern California. This second one is for the CIF Central Section plus San Diego and L.A. City. The final one will cover the massive CIF Southern Section.

By no means are these meant to be all-inclusive lists of every possible all-state player in California and we will miss listing some top juniors and sophomores on purpose because this isn’t a recruiting list. We encourage and welcome input from all users of our site and will be releasing a second, even more complete, updated list of nominees prior to when the teams are actually chosen and released.

Please send any nomination with each athlete’s height, weight, position, year in school, significant statistics. Comparing a player not on the board yet to one who already is also can be very important toward eventual selection. Limit each nomination to one page please. Send to: or call (209) 608-1317. Text messages to that number are okay as well.

The format we will continue to use is to honor a 30-player overall all-state first team with 30 more on second team with a third team of seniors only and larger schools only. We also will have first and second team for medium schools, small schools, juniors and sophomores. Each first team overall player is written up. Yes, we are struggling with what’s medium and what’s small with competitive equity. All that is certain is that players from large, public high schools will not be considered “small school.”

Don’t assume we know all there is to know about a player on the list, either. Send us info to make sure all pertinent information is turned in and placed into our files.

Buchanan’s Brock Jones is one of the most impressive two-sport athletes in California. He also plays baseball. Photo:

CIF Central Section
Alex Aguilar (Shafter) QB Sr.
Christian Alvarez (Wasco) RB, FS Soph.
Matthew Alvarez (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) LB Sr.
Alonso Acevedo (Strathmore) RB, SS Sr.
Darius Baker (Tulare Union, Tulare) WR Sr.
Matthew Bayaca (Highland, Bakersfield) RB, LB Sr.
Ceyontay Bell (Bakersfield) RB/DB Sr.
Brayden Blevins (Liberty, Bakersfield) K Soph.
Elijah Burrell (Tulare Western, Tulare) QB Jr.
Jaali Burres (Ridgeview, Bakersfield) LB Sr.
Elihah Castro (Arroyo Grande) RB, LB Jr.
Dante Chachere (Clovis West, Fresno) QB Sr.
Quali Conley (Central, Fresno) RB, WR Jr.
Preston Conti (Minarets, O’Neals) WR Sr.
Ramiro Correa (Firebaugh) DT, DL Sr.
Ricky Correia (Central East, Fresno) DT Jr.
Jalen Cropper (Buchanan, Clovis) WR Sr.
Bryan Cuevas (Woodlake) WR Sr.
Peter Delis (Grace Memorial, Bakersfield) CB, K Jr.
Reef Dove (Clovis) WR Sr.
Tate Eenigenburg (Bakersfield Christian) DE Sr.
Tyson Ellis (Minarets, O’Neals) RB, FS Sr.
Tito Enciso (Kennedy, Delano) LB, RB Sr.
Isiah Escobar (Rosamond) QB Sr.
Joshua Espinoza (Mader) WR, CB Sr.
Isaac Franco (Caruthers) TE, DL Jr.
Aidan Galvan (Monache, Porterville) RB, LB Jr.
Nathan Garcia (Paso Robles) LB, RB Sr.
Salvador Garcia (Monache, Porterville) LB Jr.
James Gilmet (Arroyo Grande) RB/LB Sr.
Leonard Glass (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) RB Sr.
Konner Gomness (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) OL Sr.
Noah Gonzales (Central, Fresno) DB Sr.
Erick Gonzalez (Caruthers) DB Sr.
Jeshua Gutierrez (Firebaugh) Ath. Sr.
John Hadley (Mt. Whitney, Visalia) WR Jr.
Nathan Halsell (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) PK Sr.
Damian Hernandez (Woodlake) QB, Jr.
Jerry Huerta (Orosi) RB Sr.
Justin Hunt (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) DL/OL Sr.
Jeremiah Hunter (Central, Fresno) Wr Jr.
Bo Jackson (Kingsburg) RB Sr.
Nathan Jackson (Highland, Bakersfield) WR, DE Sr.
Willie James (Tulare Union, Tulare) WR Soph.
Jonathan Jennings (Centennial, Bakersfield) OL, DE Sr.
Isaac Jernagin (Bakersfield) DB/ATH Jr.
James Johnson (North, Bakersfield) LB/RB Sr.
Tairyn Johnson (Tulare Western, Tulare) RB Jr.
Brock Jones (Buchanan, Clovis) DB Sr.
Carl Jones (Bakersfield) QB/ATH Sr.
Jekob Jones (Central, Fresno) LB Soph.
Randy Jordan (Tulare Union) DB/WR Sr.
Josh Kelly (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) WR, DB Sr.
William Kloster (Lemoore) LB, FB Jr.
Nathan Lamb (Tulare Union, Tulare) QB Sr.
McKinley Lee III (Edison, Fresno) RB, CB Sr.
Brycen Lindsey (Liberty, Bakersfield) OL Sr.
Cristian Loera (Clovis) DB Sr.
Josh Magana (Dinuba) QB Jr.
Mark Martinez (Paso Robles) TE, LB Sr.
Jalen McMillan (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) WR Jr.
Tyler Mello (Hanford) LB, TE Jr.
Matt Merritt (Buchanan, Clovis) LB Jr.
Kendall Milton (Buchanan, Clovis) RB Jr.
Damian Mireles (North, Bakersfield) FB, LB Sr.
Hector Nava Jr. (Porterville) QB Soph.
Colt Nelson (Madera) QB Sr.
Dirk Nelson (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) OL Jr.
Christian Ortiz (Golden West, Visalia) RB, LB Sr.
Javier Perez (Reedley) DE Sr.
Tobin Phillips (San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno) DL Jr.
Jaedyn Pineda (Mt. Whitney, Visalia) QB Sr.
Chris Puga (Caruthers) Ath. Sr.
Zack Redman (Minarets, O’Neals) SS, WR Sr.
Jaalen Rening (Central Valley Christian, Visalia) RB/DB Jr.
Mario Reynosa (Orange Cove) RB, DB Jr.
James Rodriguez (Parlier) QB Sr.
Chris Romero (North, Bakersfield) RB Sr.
Wyatt Roth (Liberty, Madera Ranchos) RB/LB Sr.
Eric Saldana (Coalinga) RB Sr.
Jackson Sanchez (Shafter) WR, CB Jr.
Mathew Sanchez (Clovis) WR, CB Sr.
Steven Scheidt (Buchanan, Clovis) LB Sr.
Adan Solis (Righetti, Santa Maria) RB, LB Sr.
Will Springer (Sierra Pacific, Hanford) QB Sr.
Jake Steels (Righetti, Santa Maria) DB Jr.
Sam Stewart Jr. (Liberty, Bakersfield) RB/DB Sr.
Colton Theaker (Arroyo Grande) K Sr.
Caleb Thomas (Righetti, Santa Maria) OL, DL Sr.
Trent Tompkins (Central, Fresno) QB Sr.
Alec Trujillo (San Joaquin Memorial) QB Sr.
Martin Urroz (Minarets, O’Neals) QB Jr.
Joziah Velasquez (Madera) WR Sr.
Isaac Velez (Kerman) RB, DB Sr.
Anthony Villanueva (Liberty, Bakersfield) LB Sr.
Daniel Viveros (Liberty, Bakersfield) OL, DL Sr.
Alex Wallace (Bakersfield Christian) WR-KR Sr.
Tyreak Walker (Kennedy, Delano) RB, DB Sr.
Kwabena Watson (Edison, Fresno) LB Sr.
Hunter Weimer (Monache, Porterville) LB, RB Soph.
Lonnie Wessel (Golden West, Visalia) RB, LB Soph.
Michael Wessel (Golden West, Visalia) WR, DB Soph.
Cameron Williams (Bakersfield) QB/DB Sr.
Keanu Wiliams (Clovis) DE Soph.
Cody Woolsey (Chowchilla) QB, LB St.
Tyler Wright (Kerman) LB Jr.
Ben Yurosek (Bakersfield Christian, Bakersfield) DE Jr.
Jacob Zeimet (Bakersfield) DT Sr.

Peter Jason Garcia was the leading rusher for Garfield of Los Angeles, which reached the L.A. City Open Division final and the CIF Division 4-A state championship. Photo: Courtesy school.

CIF L.A. City Section
Kevin Acevedo (Hollywood, Los Angeles) ATH, K Sr.
Johnny Almendara (Marshall, Los Angeles) DL Sr.
Dominic Arango-Serna (Canoga Park) WR, DB Fr.
Daniel Arreola (Wilson, Los Angeles) RB, LB Sr.
Jason Artiga (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) QB Sr.
Abdul-Lateef Audu (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) DB Sr.
Jordan Banks (Narbonne, Harbor City) LB, DE Jr.
Mikel Beime (Locke, Los Angeles) QB/DB Sr.
Jordan Berry (Narbonne, Harbor City) DT Jr.
Michael Blow (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) LB, RB Soph.
Alfred Bobadilla (Franklin, Los Angeles) Jr. QB
Jack Brown (Narbonne, Harbor City) RB Jr.
Kyle Bryant (San Fernando) RB Sr.
Jelium Carter (Westchester, Los Angeles) QB, LB Jr.
JoJuan Collins (Narbonne, Harbor City) RB Jr.
Nicholas Delgadillo (Garfield, Los Angeles) LB Sr.
Nicholas Delgado (Garfield, Los Angeles) LB Sr.
Luca Diamont (Venice) QB Jr.
Jaivontrel Eavan Turner (San Fernando) DE Sr.
Paul Edwards (Narbonne, Harbor City) CB Sr.
Hugo Escobedo (Franklin, Los Angeles) DE Jr.
Jake Garcia (Narbonne, Harbor City) QB Soph.
Peter Jason Garcia (Garfield, Los Angeles) RB Jr.
Trevor Gill (San Fernando) RB/DB Sr.
Alonzo Gray-Hall (Reseda) DE Sr.
Jared Greenfield (Crenshaw, Los Angeles) DB Jr.
Najiah Harrison (Torres, Los Angeles) WR, DE Jr.
Elijah Hawkins (Jordan, Los Angeles) RB Jr.
Zachariah-Austin Atlantis Hawkins (Granada Hills Charter) Ath Sr.
Jaylen Henderson (Narbonne, Harbor City) QB Soph.
Jorge Hernandez (Canoga Park) RB, LB Soph.
Angel Hidalgo (Garfield, Los Angeles) WR, CB Sr.
Jacob Holguin (Wilson, Los Angeles) WR, LB Sr.
Josh Jackson (Narbonne, Harbor City) WR Jr.
Jourdan Jackson (Reseda) DE Sr.
Chad Johnson (Venice) WR, FS Jr.
Keeshawn Johnson (Dorsey, Los Angeles) RB, DB Sr.
Brandon Jones (Narbonne, Harbor City) CB Jr.
Tommy Legardye (Los Angeles) QB, DB Sr.
Tilini Livai (Narbonne, Harbor City) OL Sr.
Miguel Lopez ( San Pedro) LB Jr.
Angel Magana (Chavez, San Fernando) RB, LB Sr.
Anthony Mazariegos (Hollywood) LB Sr.
Thomas Meek (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) K Jr.
Tyler Morrison (Dorsey, Los Angeles) LB Sr.
James Ochoa (Arleta) RB Jr.
Max Palees (Palisades, Pacific Palisades) RB Jr.
Daniel Phillips (Franklin, Los Angeles) WR, CB Sr.
Richie Pinomi (Narbonne, Harbor City) OL Sr.
Joseph Ponce (Mendez, Los Angeles) RB. LB Sr.
Santos Rivera (Roosevelt. Los Angeles) RB, LB Sr.
Kendrell Ross (Fairfax, Los Angeles) LB Sr.
Anthony Ruvalcaba (Garfield, Los Angeles) DE Jr.
Jenz Tanedo (Fairfax, Los Angeles) LB, Sr.
Giancarlo Tarifa (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) LB Sr.
Jonah Tauanu’u (Narbonne, Harbor City) OT Sr.
Nigel Tauta (Carson) DL Sr.
Nehemiah Thompson (Sylmar) LB Sr.
Joseph Todd (Santee, Los Angeles) RB Sr.
Israel Trapala (Bell) DE, DT Sr.
Juice Tupua (Narbonne, Harbor City) DL Sr.
Virgil Tynes III (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) LB, RB Soph.
Josh Ward (San Pedro) RB, LB Jr.
Richard Wilder (Los Angeles) LB, OL Sr.

Ross Maseuli of Cathedral Catholic will be one of state’s top offensive linemen next season. The sophomore actually was one of the best already this season. Photo: Mark Tennis.

CIF San Diego Section
Bryce Alexander (Coronado) WR, LB Sr.
Josh Allen (Maranatha Christian, San Diego) OT, LB Sr.
Jordan Allen (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) LB Jr.
Zach Alligood (La Jolla Country Day, La Jolla) OL, DL Jr.
Isaac Anderson (Mission Hills, San Marcos) DL Sr.
Kyrin Beachem (Oceanside) QB, WR Sr.
Logan Berzins (Catherdal Catholic, San Diego) OL Jr.
Mac Bingham (Torrey Pines, San Diego) RB, SS Sr.
Anthony Bland (La Jolla Country Day, La Jolla) WR Jr.
Jack Bosman (Santa Fe Christian, Solana Beach) K Sr.
Devin Brown (Morse, San Diego) LB Sr.
Javelle Brown (Mira Mesa, San Diego) WR Sr.
Tyler Buchner (Bishop’s, La Jolla) QB Soph.
Akili Butler (Lincoln, San Diego) DL Sr.
Josh Butler (Poway) RB, DB Jr.
Thaddeo Campbell (Central, El Centro) DB Sr.
Sam Camposeco (Francis Parker, San Diego) RB, LB Jr.
Byron Cardwell (St. Augustine, San Diego) RB, DB Soph.
Don Chapman (Lincoln, San Diego) S Sr.
Kenan Christon (Madison, San Diego) RB Sr.
Aren Cobb (Serra, San Diego) OT, DE Sr.
Marcus Dean (Mira Mesa, San Diego) DB Sr.
Jared Desmond (Olympian, Chula Vista) LB Sr.
Jose Devoux (Holtville) RB, CB Soph.
Brian Driscoll (Torrey Pines, San Diego) OL Sr.
Dustin Ellison (Serra, San Diego) RB, FS Soph.
Miguel Felix (Otay Ranch, Chula Vista) LB Sr.
Baraquiel Fimbres (Vincent Memorial, Calexico) LB/DT Soph.
Thomas Fishburne (Steele Canyon, Spring Valley) QB Sr.
Clarence Freeman IV (Bishop’s, La Jolla) WR, CB Jr.
Casey Granfors (University City, San Diego) WR Sr.
Gunnar Gray (University City, San Diego) QB Jr.
Robert Greer (Westview, San Diego) LB Jr.
Phillip Gooding (La Jolla Country Day, La Jolla) QB Soph.
Jonathan Gordon (Francis Park, San Diego) WR, DB Sr.
Miles Hastings (San Marcos) QB Sr.
Manai Hazlett (Del Norte, San Diego) RB, SS Soph.
Edward Hill (Valley Center) OL Sr.
Raiden Hunter (San Diego) RB, LB Sr.
Mo Jackson (San Diego) RB, LB Soph.
Isaiah Jatta (Helix, La Mesa) OL Sr.
Devon Jones (Kearny, San Diego) DB Sr.
T’Ray Kirkland (Lincoln, San Diego) DL Sr.
Casey Kline (Brawley) ATH Sr.
Jacob Laverdiere (Mount Miguel, Spring Valley) QB Soph.
Julien Lesa (Orange Glen, Escondido) LB Jr.
Michael Linguadoca (Santa Fe Christian, Solana Beach) DB, ATH Sr.
Michael Malauulu (Morse, San Diego) OL Jr.
Luke Manos (Rancho Bernardo, San Diego) LB Sr.
Shamar Martin (Morse, San Diego) RB, CB Sr.
Ross Maseuli (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) OL Soph.
Ezekeal Mata (Mission Hills, San Marcos) K Jr.
Jahmon McClendon (Monte Vista, Spring Valley) RB Sr.
Miles McCormick (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) DE Sr.
Joshua McCurty (Eastlake, Chula Vista) LB Sr.
Sean McDonald (Ramona) RB, LB Sr.
Jamahd Monroe (Lincoln, San Diego) WR, DB Sr.
Michael Moreno (Brawley) RB Sr.
Charlie Mossy (Bishop’s, La Jolla) DT, OL Jr.
Ozzie Nicholas (La Costa Canyon, Carlsbad) LB Jr.
Elelyon Noa (Helix, La Mesa) RB Jr.
Benjamin O’Brien (Westview, San Diego) FS, CB Jr.
Jaime Odom (Grossmont, El Cajon) QB Jr.
Deniro Osuna (Central, El Centro) QB Jr.
Cael Patterson (Orange Glen, Escondido) RB, SS Jr.
JT Penick (St. Augustine, San Diego) LB Sr.
Angelo Peraza (St. Augustine, San Diego) QB Jr.
Shawn Poma (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) RB Sr.
Dallas Prince (Mountain Empire, Pine Valley) DB Sr.
Ethan Ramos (Imperial) LB Soph.
Duce Reynolds (Kearny, San Diego) RB Sr.
Dorian Richardson (Rancho Buena Vista, Vista) RB Sr.

Passing and running from QB Noah Tumblin led Mira Mesa of San Diego’s drive to D2 section finals. Photo:

Quinn Roff (San Marcos) DL Sr.
Christian Salibo (Tri-City Christian, Vista) RB,SS Sr.
Ryan Sanborn (Francis Parker, San Diego) QB, DB, P, PK, Sr.
Diego Sanchez (Olympian, Chula Vista) LB, FB Jr.
Vincent Santos (Eastlake, Chula Vista) OL Sr.
Samuel Scaife III (St. Augustine, San Diego) WR, DB Jr.
Blake Schmidt (Monte Vista, Spring Valley) DL Sr.
Jacob Sega (El Camino, Oceanside) LB, RB Sr.
Michael Shawcroft (Helix, La Mesa) LB Sr.
Ethan Simley (Cathedral Catholic, San Diego) DE Sr.
William Simon (St. Augustine, San Diego) LB Sr.
Mateo Sinohui (Valley Center) RB Sr.
J.L. Skinner (Point Loma, San Diego) DB Sr.
Demetrius Smith (Mar Vista, Imperial Beach) TE, DE Sr.
Keyshawn Smith (San Diego) WR, DB Jr.
Gabe Solis (La Jolla) WR Sr.
Ke’ontae Springs (Madison, San Diego) DB Jr.
Michael Stearns (Torrey Pines, San Diego) LB Sr.
Daniel Stokes (Madison, San Diego) WR Sr.
Jonny Tanner (Rancho Bernardo, San Diego) DB Sr.
Damon Thomas (Mar Vista, Imperial Beach) TE, DE Sr.
Isiah Thompson (Morse, San Diego) RB, LB Sr.
Delshawn Traylor (Helix, La Mesa) QB, DB Sr.
Trevor Trussell (Eastlake, Chula Vista) DE, LB Sr.
Kavika Tua (Oceanside) RB, LB Soph.
Noah Tumblin (Mira Mesa, San Diego) QB Sr,
Asa Turner (Carlsbad) ATH Sr.
Tuupash Turner (Valley Center) WR Sr.
Jayden Wickware (San Diego) WR, RB, DB Sr.
Cameron Will (Mountain Empire, Pine Valley) LB Sr.
Kenyon Williams (Kearny, San Diego) QB Sr.
Israel Zermeno (Southwest EC, El Centro) LB Sr.

Mark Tennis is the co-founder and publisher of He also is author of “High School Football In California,” which was No. 1 on’s list of bestsellers in the teen/young adult football category for several weeks after it was released. He can be reached at Don’t forget to follow Mark on the Cal-Hi Sports Twitter handle: @CalHiSports

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  1. joseph parks
    Posted December 24, 2018 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    Keshon Butler Tulare Western didn’t play football this season

  2. Celena Calip
    Posted January 8, 2019 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Thadeo Campbell from Central Union El Centro name only has one d in it and he also played WR.

    Israel Zermeno from Southwest did not play this year

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