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This image was selected to be on the cover of new California high school football book. Photo: Roger Clay/SoCalSidelines.com.

This is a trivia challenge for any and all who think they have some knowledge about California prep football history. Have some fun and be sure next week to get your hands on our book, “High School Football In California,” at major bookstores or through Amazon.com.

As a fun way to continue to promote our book on this web site, we offer this 10 question challenge including some fun facts about schools, players and teams with a historical perspective. Some of the questions were taken from the book while others are from previously published state record books.

Here is a link to order the book directly through Amazon:

Try to get 10-for-10 on this quiz and then pass it along to a friend. Sure, you could Google the answers or look some of them up in our previous state record books, but what’s the point and where’s the fun in that?

[WpProQuiz 8]

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