Site Update: Freelance Help Wanted

We have approximately $500 to $600 per month available for possible freelance or correspondence work at Cal-Hi Sports (

This amount could go to one person doing multiple tasks or be spread out among several people helping as correspondents from their region of the state.

The point of this post is to see who might be interested in getting involved. It’s not a full-time position but as the site continues to grow one could be created in the next two years.

Here’s some additional points to consider:

*No one who currently helps out on the site is leaving. We had longtime Stockton office assistant editor Paul Muyskens become a full-time college student last September and his hours and his work was not replaced. The attempt is to do that now, although Paul still says he can chip in with occasional assignments if needed.

*No one has to live in Stockton (our home base) to contribute, but it would be helpful to be somewhat close for a more involved position.

*Aspects of the web site and business in which the most help is needed would be in social media promotion and growth, state stat stars research and writing (yes, we intend to bring it back as a regular weekly feature for the upcoming school year), State Top 20 rankings writeups and research, divisional state rankings research and inputting, state record features and research, and all-state team features and nominations.

*We cover football, boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball and softball with additional state rankings and all-state teams in girls volleyball. That offering is going to continue so anyone interested in joining us can’t just be interested in football only.

*Correspondents would be most valuable in San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Fernando Valley/Ventura, Long Beach/South Bay, Sacramento and CIF Central Coast Section. We are still very pleased to have Bob Barnett of Fresno helping out with the CIF Central Section. If we didn’t choose one person to serve multiple roles, we could wind up using four to five correspondents at $100 per month each.

*A person aiding us in social media growth also would be eligible for bonus payments if we were to reach certain goals (like getting to 30K in Twitter followers, etc.).

For more information or to let us know if you’d be interested, email or call:

Mark Tennis
209-608-1317 (cell)

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