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For the next few months, an ongoing project of ours is going through approximately 90 boxes of notes, game programs, media guides and other high school/college sports items that were owned by legendary sports historian Bruce McIntosh, who died on December 1 of 2017. Once in a while, it will be too hard to resist writing about some of the items.

We had no idea, for example, that at least one high school in California had a daily newspaper that existed for more than 25 years. That’s a newspaper printed out five times per week, Monday through Friday. We know because among Bruce’s collection are bound volumes of the Manual Arts Daily. Here’s some hard-to-believe reporting from the 1936 editions:

Modes, Manners Club Discusses, Analyzes Types of Girls
(From Manual Arts Daily March 10, 1936)

Do you know what type you are? This was one of the questions brought up in the discussion of personality at the first meeting of the Modes and Manners Committee under the direction of Mrs. Whitney during activity period, Wednesday.

There are six types of girls and every person fits into one of the types. You are either conservative, extreme, athletic, feminine, boyish, or reserved.

By way of explanation several girls were analyzed. For example, Jane Corbin was found to be the feminine type, while Margaret Trider was found to be the athletic type.

All should try to dress in such a fashion as to accentuate personality in an individual way.

Lack of College Educated Newspaper Men Told By Examiner Reporter
(From Manual Arts Daily April 14, 1936)

“A college education is of the same benefit to a journalist as to a person in any other profession. However, only about fifty percent of our present day reporters attended college.”

This was the statement Dale B. Frady, sports writer for the Examiner, made when he spoke to the Press Club last activity period.

Frady was the assistant editor of the Daily Trojan while he attended USC.

“Journalism,” he said, “is lots of hard work. You receive very little money at the start and you meet many disappointments. However, nice things do happen to make you think it’s a grand profession.”

Germany’s Unemployment Diminishing Fast
(Manual Arts Daily May 11, 1936)

“Germany’s unemployment has been decreased very much since Hitler has been in power,” said Mr. Herman Schwin, who spoke to the World Friendship Club last Tuesday.

Mr Schwin was born in Germany, but is an American citizen, having been in America for 10 years.

He spoke of the political conditions in Germany from just after the world war (WWI) to the present. He stated that most of the news about Germany that reaches this country is propaganda, and that is why not many of the things said about Germany are very complimentary.

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  1. Posted March 12, 2018 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    The logo looks similar to the old S.F. Examiner logo, a Hearst paper known as the “Monarch of the Dailies”. The Examiner reporter may have been there because perhaps the L.A. Examiner help defray some of the costs of the paper put out by the Manual stuents.

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