Baseball: ND’s Dill won 400th in 2017

Thanks to research provided by Cal-Hi Sports intern Thomas Frey at the state library in Sacramento, we have determined that longtime Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks baseball coach Tom Dill has more than 400 wins in his career that began in 1993.

Dill had No. 2 MLB Draft choice Hunter Greene last season and in the mid-2000s he coached super athlete Mike Stanton, now known as Giancarlo Stanton, perhaps the most feared slugger in the game.

Dill contacted us last May curious about his records, not that he was that interested in them he said, but that the school wanted to know.

Counting the years not covered on the team’s web site, we came up with a total for Dill’s 25 years of 416 wins, 264 losses and four ties. For the years not on MaxPreps, the process simply calls for us to look up the missing years through our own state rankings files first and then L.A. Daily News microfilm at the state library. It’s actually the way our late founder, Nelson Tennis, compiled all of the thousands and thousands of names into the Cal-Hi Sports state record book.

Frey, a Sacramento State journalism student, was given several projects to work on at the library in recent weeks and also may be writing some feature stories for the site soon.

To some, Dill’s record may not be that impressive, but keep in mind Notre Dame has competed in one of the toughest leagues in the state for all of his seasons. None of the Knights’ losing seasons were that bad and the two worst records were from teams that were five games under .500. His best seasons: 22-7 in 2015, 23-6 in 2009, 27-4 in 2008, 23-5 in 1999, 21-6 in 1994 and 22-6 in 1993.

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