Coaches: Safer Fences Are Better

All coaches and athletic directors who are fans of our content on should check out the safer fences for your school facilities that are available from our partners at SPECTO through their Grand Slam Safety fences campaign.

The SPECTO Sport Fencing System by Grand Slam Safety, LLC, is a reolutionary, new fending system for use in, and around, sporting facilities and athletic fields. The fencing systems are proven to significantly reduce the risk of player injury, maximize the usable space at complexes that have space issues, and increase versatility of current fields.

The fencing systems are built for durability and flexibility. In short, SPECTO is the fencing that all schools have been looking for.

To watch a video about this system and learn more, CLICK HERE. Also note that simply clicking on the link from our site will help us with possible future ad campaigns from SPECTO and from other clients.

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