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Players and coaches from Garden Grove's 2014 CIFSS Southern Division title team celebrate after finals' win vs. Rancho Alamitos. Photo: Jason Eichelberger/

Players and coaches from Garden Grove’s 2014 CIFSS Southern Division title team celebrate after finals’ win vs. Rancho Alamitos. Photo: Jason Eichelberger/

For the fourth school of the summer in this series in which we compile its all-time football scores archive, it’s all about the Argos. Garden Grove’s 64-16 record so far for the 2010s is among the state leaders, but the boys still have to keep winning to get their school over the .500 mark in all-time games played since 1922.

Up next in this series: San Mateo. We’re loving it that many old schools have put in an order for this work. We’re not counting a win in 1896 vs. the Cal frosh, but we are from 1904. For more on the Cal-Hi Sports football archives project and how we can help your school, CLICK HERE. Note: One doesn’t have to be the football coach or AD to order this work. It can be presented to any school as a gift.


For all of the schools we’ve done so far both this summer and last it hasn’t been a problem to reach above the .500 mark in its all-time reported record.

But at Garden Grove, even though one of the oldest schools in Orange County has enjoyed four 13-1 seasons since 2009 (and a 77-17 record), the Argonauts still need to keep winning in order to climb above the even-steven line.

Based on all of the scores collected in the Bruce McIntosh card files, Garden Grove has a reported on-the-field record since 1922 of 424-430-27.
Garden Grove logo
Since head coach Ricardo Cepeda’s squad for 2016 is coming off of a 10-3 season and went 13-1 the year before that, getting to .500 may not be that difficult.

There is a complicating factor in those totals, however, and that is that in 1992 and in several other seasons the Argos had eight wins that were either taken away by forfeit or were games not played (in other words they won when the other team couldn’t play). Counting forfeits and defaults, Garden Grove’s record is further away from .500 at 421-438-27 so even if this year’s team keeps up the winning ways it still may take another year or two to reach .500.

Although last year’s team fell in the CIFSS playoffs to Brea Olinda in the Southern Division semifinals, it was another successful season. Senior running back Jordan Antunez was the star with 2,392 yards rushing and 34 touchdowns.

Garden Grove won its first CIFSS title in 2010 with a 31-30 win over Beckman of Irvine that featured a touchdown pass from Jovani Duran to Josh Webb and then a two-point conversion run by Webb in the closing seconds. The title was dedicated to 2009 team leader Kevin Telles, who collapsed and essentially had an on-the-field death early in that season.

The Argonauts won their second CIFSS crown two seasons ago in a much less dramatic 35-0 romp past city rival Rancho Alamitos, but their best team might have been the one from the year before that went 13-0 before losing in the section final to a Corona del Mar of Newport Beach squad 42-21 that later became the first team in state history to win a CIF state bowl game and finish 16-0.

Tragedy also has unfortunately continued to hit the program even in the years following Telles’ death. Joe Hay, who was the head coach of the Argos when Telles played, died at age 41 in 2012. And then just a few months ago in May of 2016, Austen Christian, who set a school record in 2013 by intercepting 10 passes, was killed at age 19 in a car accident not far from the school.

Here are some other Garden Grove football records that the school has been sent courtesy of this archive initiative:

The late Austen Christian was mostly known as a defensive back, but he also could catch it as a receiver. Photo: Josh Barber/

The late Austen Christian was mostly known as a defensive back, but he also could catch it as a receiver. Photo: Josh Barber/


1920s: 7-31-1 (plus two forfeit/default losses)

1930s: 31-54-4

1940s: 38-33-5 (plus one forfeit win, one forfeit loss)

1950s: 35-51-3 (plus one forfeit/default loss)

1960s: 54-35-5

1970s: 46-45-4

1980s: 29-72-2

1990s: 48-56-1 (plus four forfeit losses, changed from wins)

2000s: 73-36-2

2010s: 64-16


424 WINS, 428 LOSSES, 27 TIES*

*Note: Eight forfeit losses (four were by default, four were wins taken away) and one forfeit win not included. Including those results, 1920s record would be 7-33-1, 1940s would be 38-33-5, 1950s would be 35-52-3, 1990s would be 44-60-1 and all-time would be 421-436-27.

(Based on half-win, half-loss for tie)

Best Records For Single Season
13-1 – 2009
13-1 – 2010
13-1 – 2013
13-1 – 2014
10-1 – 1991
6-1 – 1942

Worst Records For Single Season
0-10 – 1988
0-8 – 1927
0-7 – 1952
0-3 – 1925*
1-9 – 1985
1-9 – 1987
1-9 – 1996

Records Against Notable Opponents
45-12* VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove)
33-17-2* VS. Santiago (Garden Grove)
32-17-1* VS. La Quinta (Westminster)
31-25-2 VS. Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove)
17-23-0 VS. Pacifica (Garden Grove)
*All three records don’t include forfeit losses for 1992 season. Counting those losses, it would be 44-13 vs. Bolsa Grande, 32-18-2 vs. Santiago and 31-18-1 vs. La Quinta. Garden Grove also has not lost to Bolsa Grande in 19 straight games.

Most Points Scored (Single Game)
76 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2015
70 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 2012
70 VS. Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove) 2013
68 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2014
65 VS. Woodbridge (Irvine) 2010
65 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2013
63 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2003
63 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2014
62 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2009
62 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2010
62 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2015
61 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 2015
60 VS. Westminster 2004
60 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley)

Most Lopsided Wins
76-0 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2015
70-0 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 2012
65-0 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2013
63-0 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2003
63-0 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2014
62-0 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2009
61-0 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 2015
60-0 VS. Westminster 2004
57-0 VS. Monte Vista (Whittier) 1966
56-0 VS. Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove) 2005
56-0 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2013
55-0 VS. Valencia (Placentia) 1945
62-7 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2010
54-0 VS. Capistrano 1945
54-0 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 2011
54-0 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2012
68-14 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 2014
60-7 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2009

Most Points Allowed (Single Game)
60 VS. Ocean View (Huntington Beach) 1997
59 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 1998
54 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 1989
54 VS. Corona del Mar (Newport Beach) 1996
54 VS. Pacifica (Garden Grove) 1998
50 VS. Pacifica (Garden Grove) 1997
49 VS. Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove) 1998
49 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2002
49 VS. Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove) 2002
49 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2003
49 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 2004
49 VS. Canyon (Anaheim) 2007
49 VS. La Mirada 2009
49 VS. El Toro (Lake Forest) 2012

Most Lopsided Losses
59-0 VS. Santiago (Garden Grove) 1998
54-0 VS. Corona del Mar (Newport Beach) 1996
50-0 VS. Pacifica (Garden Grove) 1997
49-0 VS. Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove) 1998
54-7 VS. Pacifica (Garden Grove) 1998
60-13 VS. Ocean View (Huntington Beach) 1997
46-0 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 1988
45-0 VS. Los Amigos (Fountain Valley) 1985
44-0 VS. Anaheim 1956
44-0 VS. La Quinta (Westminster) 1998

Longest Winning Streaks
13 – 2009 (won first 13 games, then lost)
13 – 2013 (won first 13 games, then lost)
12 – 2010-11 (won last 11 games, then first game of following season)
12 – 2014 (won last 12 games after losing in second game of season)
11 – 1990-1991 (won last game in 1990, then first 10 of 1991)

Longest Losing Streaks
19 – 1987-1989 (lost last nine, then 0-10 season before winning first game of 1989)
13 – 1927-1928 (lost last five, then next eight the following season)
12 – 1951-1953 (lost last game, then 0-7 season and then next four before winning in fifth game of 1953)
9 – 1995-1996 (lost last two, then next seven before winning in eighth game of 1996)
Note: Garden Grove had 0-8-1 winless streak from 1924 to 1926 that would be 0-10-1 counting two default losses.

Remember, any school in the state or a fan/supporter of any school in the state can have this research completed in a customized fashion in return for a reasonable fee. or details, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Dante Russomanno
    Posted August 1, 2016 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    I played for the Argos from 2008-2010. It was not Dan Hay that was head coach it was Joe Hay.

    • Mark Tennis
      Posted August 2, 2016 at 10:36 am | Permalink

      Sorry. It does say Joe in the archives. Fixed in the article.

  2. Posted August 3, 2016 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    Mark: When do you release your preseason rankings?
    Rick Smith.

    • Mark Tennis
      Posted August 3, 2016 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

      Will be out probably a week from Monday.

  3. Jac
    Posted January 7, 2019 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    Garden Grove good teams! But Pacifica was the dominant power in the garden Grove league, I played for Bolsa grande 70s. Pacifica would leave the Garden Grove league I believe in the 80s where they still held there own.

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