5 tips to increase athletic performance

Whether your sport of choice is basketball, football, softball or baseball, all athletes strive to increase their athleticism in order to perform better on the court or the field. Here are five helpful and practical tips to aid you in increasing and maintaining your athletic ability so you can succeed in your sport.

1. Train
Of course you will have weekly or bi-weekly practices for your chosen sport, but your training should not stop there. You need to be keep your body in tip-top shape. If the position you play in your sport requires endurance and stamina, a few extra cardio sessions per week will stand you in good stead, whether it is a run in your local park, or at your gym. Being able to run faster and longer than your competition, may help you perform better.
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2. But do not over train
While adding extra cardio or strength sessions to your routine is good, remember not to over train. You need to have at least two rest days per week, and make sure to rest in between a sports practice and a gym session in order to give your body, and muscles a rest. If you need a good activity to do in between training, Euro Palace casino games are a lot of fun to de-stress your mind. They offer such a big variety of games. As an athlete, you are sure to love their sports-themed slots such as basketball star, rugby star, cricket star, or football star. These give you the chance to be a winner both on and off the field.

3. Watch the professionals
You can learn so much from watching other athletes. Take some time out of your week to watch the professionals in your sport do what they do best. Watch critically and identify what they do that is effective during their games. Specifically watch players who have the same position as you do, to see if there are any specific things you can take and apply to your own on-the-field performance.

4. Fuel your body
Your body is the vehicle that moves on the sports field. You need to make sure that you are fueling it with nutritional food that will help it perform at its best. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet, with lots of protein, complex carbohydrates and leafy green vegetables. Before a match or a practice, eat food with a low glycemic index (GI), this will keep you satiated for longer, and give you sustained energy throughout your competition. Try to stay away from refined carbohydrates and energy drinks that will just spike your sugar levels and then leave you tired.

5. Ask for feedback
Asking for feedback is so important. Ideally, your coach should be giving you lots of feedback; telling you what you are doing well and what you need to work on and improve. If you feel that you are not getting enough individual feedback from your coach: ask for it. He or she will gladly assist you if you let them know you want this information to help you play better.

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