Football coaches who love goal-setting

This year’s Cal-Hi Sports questionnaires that were sent to almost all of the state’s top football coaches were presented by our partners from One of the questions was about the importance of goal-setting toward a team’s success.

Note: Coaches and others should check out the goal-setting app for smart phones. It’s a great way for teams to set goals, track them and there are opportunities for local businesses to get involved. For details, CLICK HERE.

Here’s what some of the responding coaches said about goal-setting, why it’s important and how it helps players and teams succeed:
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It is very important here at Castle Park High (Chula Vista) because it teaches our student athletes that nothing is hard to achieve. If you put your mind to it, they can accomplish it. For example, we taught them in 2014 that we need to win league and get deep into the playoffs, which we did. Now for this upcoming season, the kids are looking at winning league for the second year and now to the CIF (San Diego) championship and win it.

Chris Kryjewski
Castle Park (Chula Vista) Assistant

We are a very goal-oriented program. We set team goals, offense and defense goals, position group goals and additional goals.

Ryan Reynolds
Sutter (13-1 in 2014)

We have a meeting at the end of last season and set goals for weight room, classroom and field. We meet periodically throughout the year to discuss progress and re-set goals. As a team, we talk about who we want to be and how we want to be. Goal-setting is huge but the process of getting there is even bigger.

Mike Maggiore
West Covina

Chad Nightingale's team at Salesian (Richmond) won last year's CIF North Coast Section Division V title. Photo:

Chad Nightingale’s team at Salesian (Richmond) won last year’s CIF North Coast Section Division V title. Photo:

Goal-setting is absolutely the life blood of our program. We use our EGUSD (Elk Grove Unfied) district’s model on smart goals. We do short-term and long-term goals with every facet of our program. — Academic, Practice, Individual, Team, Weight Training, etc.

T.J. Ewing
Monterey Trail (Elk Grove)

It is extremely important. We have a goal-setting sheet for personal and team goals that every player is given. They include strength and conditioning, season goals, academic and career ambition.

Jeff Steinberg
Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley)

The goal each year for our team is to work together and to challenge each other to be the best player possible. We never set team goals in terms of wins or losses, league titles, etc. The goal with respect to opponents is to simply take one game at a time and never think beyond the team we are playing that week.

Chad Nightingale
Salesian (Richmond)

We start out each year with setting team goals for the season. We are constantly focusing on how our actions/preparation are helping or hurting us in pursuit of those goals.

Mike Lebin
Thousand Oaks

Goal setting is paramount to any organization’s success.
We have three goals we will attempt to accomplish daily:
1. Be a team.
2. Be the most excited to play.
3. Be the best at doing your job.
If we can do the aforementioned things at the same time, we will be successful.

David Rodriguez

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  1. Brandan Doan
    Posted September 9, 2015 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    Goal setting plays an important role in an athlete improving his/her skills, with respect to participation in the sport. Team goals are always more valuable than individual accomplishments.

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