Before Goal-Setting Can Begin…..

It’s important to note before embarking on any program of setting goals to help you attain success in school and sports that you should know about four key personal traits that most successful people possess.

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According to an article once written for Student Sports Magazine by coach and teacher Duane Bemis, these key personal traits are heart, hard work, determination and personal sacrifice.

Here’s what Bemis wrote:
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The “road to success” starts within a heart that wants to be the best at something – a heart, mind and soul that doesn’t want to be ordinary, but extraordinary. It’s about ordinary people who have a dream. They simply look at the impossible and say to themselves to set their heart upon this dream and chase after it with the whole heart.

The second nugget of truth, hard work, is required for anyone who wants to be the best. If you want to be the best, then you are going to have to more than others do. Kobe Bryant, in the off-season, has been known to shoot 2,000 times per day. Would you be willing to do that? Do you want to be bigger, stronger, faster? You must buy into this daily work ethic.

Another word for determination is tenacity. It’s about never giving up your dreams. It means that you look at yourself and make no excuses. As you find your weak areas, attack them to better yourself.

Personal sacrifice is the final nugget in the winning formula. This is really all about making daily choices to stay on the narrow road to success. Make the right choices about your diet, sleeping habits and your friends (yes, even your friends). Spending time with people who do drugs and want to get in trouble will carry you far from your dreams.

As we’ll continue to stress in our goal-setting series of posts each month, having a goal-setting plan works but now you know that it works best when you begin with a foundation of heart, hard work, determination and personal sacrifice.

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