UCLA legend used written goals

Want a great example of how setting goals, writing them down and looking at them every day can help someone attain success? Look no further than UCLA Hall of Famer Ed O’Bannon, who is now in the news for his landmark case against the NCAA.

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O'Bannon also was the ninth overall pick in the NBA draft. Photo: Wikipedia.com.

O’Bannon also was the ninth overall pick in the NBA draft. Photo: Wikipedia.com.

O’Bannon, who in his senior year at Artesia of Lakewood in 1990 averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds per game and was the 1990 Cal-Hi Sports Mr. Basketball State Player of the Year, led the Bruins to the 1995 NCAA championship. He had 30 points and 17 rebounds in a 89-78 victory in the final over Arkansas, which was trying to win back-to-back national crowns.

Before that 1995 season, O’Bannon spoke to a group of kids at the boys and girls club in Los Angeles and told them how the goal-setting process helped him.

According to an EDGE article from the old Student Sports Magazine, O’Bannon had written his Artesia High team and individual goals on a small card and taped that card to a mirror in the bathroom where he shaved every day.

“After looking at the card every day, it seems like after awhile, the goals just sort of happen,” O’Bannon said at the time. “It was weird how it worked – but it really did work.”

Before O’Bannon even played a single minute for the Bruins, he suffered a career-threatening knee injury that he had to come back from.

Once again, as he told those kids at that boys and girls club, he wrote down his goals during that re-hab and taped them to his mirror.

“It was difficult and I got discouraged at times,” he said at the time. “But I just kept reading that card with my goals on it.”

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