Breakout Day For O’Dowd’s Eifler

It wasn't hard to get Bishop O'Dowd sophomore Camilo Eifler to smile after his day was over at the NFSC in Oakland. He'll be a junior to watch in Northern California next season.

It wasn’t hard to get Bishop O’Dowd sophomore Camilo Eifler to smile after his day was over at the NFSC in Oakland. He’ll be a junior to watch in Northern California next season.

He’ll just be a junior next season, but Oakland Bishop O’Dowd’s Camilo Eifler will have a lot of college eyes on him after he soars to a 113.16 SPARQ Rating at Saturday’s Northern California Nike combine at Laney College. There were others who turned heads among an all-time best turnout of 1,480 players.

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It’s time to get introduced to Camilo Eifler, a 6-foot-2, 207-pound defensive end and linebacker from Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland who will still be only a junior in the fall.

Camilo’s last name does indeed sound like the famous Eifel Tower in Paris and he’s already heard himself referred to as “The Eifler Tower.” Now, after what he did on Saturday at the annual Nike Football SPARQ Combine stop held at Laney College, The Eifler Tower is going be used by headline writers everywhere.

Eifler posted testing scores of 4.74 in the 40-yard dash, 39.3 inches for vertical leap, 4.28 in the 20-yard shuttle and 38.0 feet in the power ball. It all added up to a 113.16 SPARQ Rating, which was the highest of the day out of the 1,480 who came to the event.

Even more impressive than the performance is the fact that Eifler had never done a SPARQ Rating or tested similarly in his life before.

“Looking at what my friends have done, I first thought I might be able to get into the 80s,” Eifler said. “Then after the 40, I thought I was going to be in the 4.6s, but now I know that for laser-timing that what I did was good. Then I just got better and better. The power ball throw was the most challenging.”

Jhalil King from Deer Valley of Antioch was one of just five out of 1,480 who went over 100.00 for a SPARQ Rating. Photo: Willie Eashman.

Jhalil King from Deer Valley of Antioch was one of just five out of 1,480 who went over 100.00 for a SPARQ Rating. Photo: Willie Eashman.

Eifler, who also competes primarily in field events for O’Dowd’s varsity track team, turned in his card halfway through the event and surpassed the early leader, Shawn Munoz from Enochs of Modesto, who had a SPARQ Rating of 100.20.

Dylan Kane from Kamehameha of Hawaii eventually finished second at 107.34 while Munoz eventually finished fifth. The event’s only other two participants who tested at more than 100 for a SPARQ Rating were Michael Ross from Rancho Cotate of Rohnert Park at 102.78 and Jhalil King from Deer Valley of Antioch also at 102.78.

Kane and several of his teammates from Kamehameha all dazzled in the cool breezes blowing in from San Francisco Bay. They will be returning to Northern California in August to play at Del Oro of Loomis on August 29 in the Northern California weekend of the Honor Bowl.

Munoz was noteworthy for testing so well because he’s a quarterback at Enochs. The 6-foot-1, 195-pounder also plays free safety.

“The power ball is what did for me,” he said. “I can also play free safety on defense and I’m hoping this day helps me out.”


(Listed by year in school for next season)
Note: For official results, they should be posted on the Student Sports Football website by Thursday of next week. For all you need to know about the Nike events, CLICK HERE.

40-Yard Dash
4.54 – John McDonald (Lincoln, Stockton) Sr.
4.59 – Hunter Lunsford (Cosumnes Oaks, Elk Grove) Jr.
4.60 – Austin Johnson (Mountain View) Sr.
4.60 – Sawyer Pittman (Sanger) Sr.
4.61 – Michael Ross (Rancho Cotate, Rohnert Park) Sr.
4.62 – Priest Jennings (Chavez, Stockton) Jr.
4.62 – Bryce Oliver (La Serna, Westminster) Sr.

20-Yard Agility
4.03 – Malcolm Smith (Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga) Sr.
4.09 – Lavante Bushnell (Stagg, Stockton) Jr.
4.12 – Josh May (Freedom, Oakley) Jr.
4.13 – Darius Livingston (Bear Creek, Stockton) Jr.
4.13 – Kaimi Kamalani (Farmington, Hawaii) Sr.

Power Ball
41.0 – Destin Smith (River Valley, Yuba City) Sr.
40.0 – Tahji Williams (Stellar Prep, Hayward) Sr.
40.0 – Patrick Walker (Franklin, Elk Grove) Sr.
39.5 – Josh Bernard (Oceanside) Sr.
39.0 – Nine different players

Vertical Jump
40.9 – Nick Moore (Pittsburg) Sr.
39.3 – Camilo Eifler (Bishop O’Dowd, Oakland) Jr.
39.3 – Jahlil King (Deer Valley, Antioch) Sr.
39.3 – Demetrius Vinson (Gregori, Modesto) Jr.
38.2 – Darren Chism (Pleasant Grove, Elk Grove) Jr.
38.0 – Kejohn Price (St. Francis, Mountain View) Sr.

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