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Two coaches on the all-time state list of baseball coaching leaders are Pete Jensen (retired after winning section title at Serra of San Mateo) and Gary Galloway from St. Vincent of Petaluma (won his 500th game last season).

Two coaches on the all-time state list of baseball coaching leaders are Pete Jensen (retired after winning section title at Serra of San Mateo) and Gary Galloway from St. Vincent of Petaluma (won his 500th game last season).

With the baseball season right around the corner, here is an updated look at California’s leaders for career coaching wins. Check this post as well for link to revised and updated list for girls basketball.

It may come as a surprise to many that the most requests we get from the media about state records — by far — are about coaching records. While the coaches themselves aren’t that interested that much in these records, their communities they have worked in for many, many years definitely are interested and use these records to aid in honoring them.

Due to this interest, we have tended to update the coaching records more often than other sections of the state record book, especially in the five sports we focus on with the web site — football, boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball and softball. Coaching records are maintained in all of the other sports, but just not nearly as deep and they aren’t updated as often.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to create an anchor on this web site for the coaching leader lists in the five sports mentioned above. For this first post, we’re presenting a new list for baseball coaches, especially with the season just about to get underway. We also have added eight names and updated a few other totals for some other coaches to the list for girls basketball that we posted last weekend.

For the updated version of state girls basketball coaching leaders, CLICK HERE.

We’ll generally post a new list in a sport for the first time on this site as a free post so that as many corrected totals or unreported totals will get turned in. After that, though, the plan is eventually to make all state coaching records part of our premium subscription.

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(Entering 2014 season)
(Does not include wins from outside of California)
(Varsity wins only; JV wins don’t count)

The two to follow as the 2014 season starts are Guy Anderson from Cordova of Rancho Cordova and John Donohue from Lowell of San Francisco. Anderson needs just a few more wins to become just the second in state history to reach 900 for his career. Donohue, who guided Lowell to the CIF San Francisco Section and Transbay series titles last year, seems like a very good bet to reach 700.
Record Book
Here is the list of those reported at 500 or more:

1,059 – John Stevenson, El Segundo, 1960-2009 (1,059-419)
894 – Guy Anderson, Cordova of Rancho Cordova, 1965-2013 (894-354-22) (current)
857 – Sam Blalock, San Diego Mt. Carmel 1976-1990 & San Diego Rancho Bernardo, 1991-2013 (837-307) (current)
753 – Dave Demarest, Westminster La Quinta, 1973-2007 (753-213)
752 – Walter “Spud” O’Neil, Colton 1980-1983 & Lakewood, 1984-2013 (752-208) (current)
734 – Jeff Stout, Yucaipa, 1976-2013 (current)
708 – Mike Noakes, Fresno Bullard 1967, 1970-1996 & Fresno Central, 1997-2003 (708-262-7)
700 – Mike Curran, Santa Fe Springs St. Paul 1977-1982 & Anaheim Esperanza, 1983-2013 (700-310-6) (current)
686 – John Donohue, San Francisco Lowell, 1983-2013 (686-367-2) (current)
683 – Bob Brian, Gustine 1951-1954 & South San Francisco, 1959-2001 (683-412-7)
656 – Bob Zamora, Mission Viejo Capistrano Valley, 1977-2013 (current)
651 – Harry Jenkins, Redondo Beach Redondo Union & Torrance West, 1972-2004
647 – Steve Vickery, Lakeside El Capitan, 1981-2012
645 – Tom Bergeron, Cerritos Gahr, 1972-2004 (645-299-14)
634 – Chris Bradford, Mountain View St. Francis, 1974-2004 (634-262-6)
629 – Dennis Pugh, San Diego Mission Bay, 1977-2006 (629-199)
617 – Gary Cunningham, San Jose Del Mar 1974-1979 & San Jose Bellarmine, 1988-2008 (617-271)
617 – Manny Hermosillo, San Diego Montgomery, 1984-2013 (current)
617 – John Romano, Yucca Valley 1978 & La Puente Nogales, 1979-2013 (617-327-9) (current)
615 – Dan Bodary, Lompoc, 1967-2001 (615-284-13)
615 – James Patrick, Fresno San Joaquin Memorial 1983-84 & Clovis, 1988-2013 (615-215-2) (current)
607 – Mickey McNamee, San Marino, 1964-2007
606 – Ken Papi, Fresno, 1975-2012 (594-416)
604 – Bob Louriero, Escalon, 1963-2004 (604-357)
604 – Bill Hutton, San Jose Archbishop Mitty, 1983-2013 (604-326-5) (current)
602 – Chuck Camuso, Cupertino, Sunnyvale & Cupertino Homestead, 1986-2010 (602-493-10)
595 – Tom Muesborn, Chatsworth, 1991-2013 (595-117-4)
592 – Rich Remkus, Covina Gladstone, 1989-2013 (current)
579 – Jerry Lovarov, San Pedro, 1961-2003 (579-322-2)
564 – Pete Jensen, San Mateo Serra, 1984-1992, 1995-2009
550 – Art McRae, Ceres, 1960-1996 (550-427)
548 – Dick Serrano, San Diego University, 1976-1999
545 – Joe Winstead, Los Gatos, 1960-1999 (545-388)
534 – Gary Rungo, Riverside Arlington, 1983-2013 (534-327-3) (current)
533 – Caz Munoz, San Leandro 1964-1989 & Tuolomne Summerville, 1990-1997 (533-342)
520 – Jack Thomson, Manteca 1981-1995 & Manteca Sierra, 1996-2013 (current)
519 – Rick Steen, Danville San Ramon Valley 1979-2008 & Concord De La Salle, 2009-10
512 – Ray Frederick, Delano, 1933-1966 (512-248-2)
506 – Dave Barrett, Oceanside, 1978-2013 (506-500-9) (current)
502 – Allen Cropsey, Selma, 1958-1990 (502-283)
501 – Norm Tanner, Vallejo, 1963-1996
501 – Gary Galloway, Petaluma St. Vincent de Paul, 1985-2013 (501-196-3) (current)

Note: Not included with an unreported total is Fred Warrecker of Santa Barbara. He started his 41st season in 2014.

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