Boys BB: Nicknames Galore

Cal-Hi Sports has long kept track of interesting names and nicknames throughout the years. We even publish them in our Cal-Hi Sports Record Book & Alamanc and will eventually publish them online.

Recently, Student Sports published its list of all-time national nicknames of the year and names of the year in boys high school basketball. The nicknames list goes back to the 1954-55 season and the interesting names of the year list goes back to the 1969-70 season.

California is well represented on both lists, including the interesting names starting with 6-0 guard Phaynes Reeda from Los Angeles Jordan for 1969-70. The list also includes Niguel Miguel (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) for 1980-81. Miguel went on to play at UCLA and has appeared in countless basketball commercials. One of our favorites is 6-1 guard Tweedy Stiner (Monroe, Sepulveda) for 1992-93. He played at Monroe alongside his brother, Chaka Stiner.

Some of the most memorable national nicknames of the year from California are Leon “The Show” Powe, a 2003 McDonald’s All-American from Oakland Tech and Ralph “Action” Jackson off that talented 1980 Inglewood Sentinels team that finished ranked No. 1 in the state and the nation.

Student Sports only picked one for each year, but some of the others in our files that we like from over the years include Deon “Popeye” Green from Los Angeles High School (1997-98), Raymond “Circus” King from El Cerrito (1994-95), Lew “The Glue” Woolridge from Oakland Castlemont (1978-79) and Tom “Lethal” Dose from Glendale (1959-60).

To see the complete lists, click on the links above and check out for more national boys hoops updates.

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