High School Halls of Fame

Every school with a bit of history deserves to have its own Athletic Hall of Fame. If your school doesn’t have one, we have a program in place that can jumpstart the process and make it easier than you think to have an authentic Hall of Fame.

Under this plan, Cal-Hi Sports would help organize a selection committee, help each school determine its own unique criteria, go through our 35-year collection of records for research and then (with the school’s participation) produce a specialized Hall of Fame program and fact book for each school.

The school pays nothing, but proceeds from the sale of the book also would be split with half serving as a fund-raiser for each school’s athletic program. Plus, each Hall of Fame we help with will have a home on CalHiSports.com.

If your school is interested in finding out more about using Cal-Hi Sports as a partner for a new or existing Athletic Hall of Fame, please call publisher Mark Tennis at 209-463-9050 or email him markjtennis@gmail.com.

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