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The growth of e-books on mobile devices provides a promising alternative for those who may like a lot of what we do at Cal-Hi Sports, but might not want to commit to becoming a Gold Club Member.

We have several e-book projects under development, but the first one completed and turned in to an e-book publisher is “California: The Baseball Capital of the World.” Click here to order it or you can click on the cover photo below.

This first e-book shows without any doubt why the state should be considered with this designation, including all-time lists of great players from the state (Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, etc.), interviews with top high school coaches, lists of current major leaguers, writeups of each of the state’s Little League and College World Series champions (not including UCLA from this season), and more.

2013_CHS eBOOK_FINAL If you want to know more about baseball and love California, we guarantee you’ll enjoy reading it!

Cal-Hi Sports e-books under development

The next e-books that Cal-Hi Sports intends to produce is aimed at upcoming parents and student-athletes titled: “From Freshman Year to a Full-Ride: Top Tips for High School Athletes and their Parents to Land a College Scholarship.”

We also have begun working on a compilation of hilarious names (some real and some invented) that were collected over many years by the late Nelson Tennis, the founder of Cal-Hi Sports.

We’ve scoured the various e-book libraries and are also proud to offer several titles that are related to high school sports as part of an associate sales program through If you buy one from our site, we’ll get a small percentage of the sale and that will help in delivering to you the content and services you’ve always enjoyed from us.

To order the baseball e-book, CLICK HERE.

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